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Patience The story of a Proper Girl Improperly in Love as it was subtitled when it came out in America, the year after it was published in England , Patience is about the eponymous heroine,year old Patience Gathorne Galley who has three small daughters and is, she thinks, newly pregnant In the first chapter her brother, a devout Catholic whereas Patience is a rather unthinking Catholic, nevertheless she undeniably is one comes to tea to tell her that her husband Edward is being unfaithful Patience, who is perfectly happy with her husband, her children and her St John s Wood life, is not too upset, in fact she is curious than anything else because a her husband had never seemed inattentive, on the contrary, b she is mystified at the thought of another woman going to bed with Edward out of choiceFortuitously for this is a caper, a farce, a satire, something unreal which is why coincidence is allowable Patience meets Philip and upon going back with him to his room in Regent s Park realises that through seven years of marriage she has never understood the meaning of married love, has never had a moment of sexual pleasure, has been cheated by her husband of true happiness This is what Tribune magazine told its readers, assuring them that there was no melodrama or pornography here Patience is a truly delightful, idyllic story of a simple soul s discovery of the beauties of sexual love and her attempts to reconcile it with her mild Catholicism and her ardent maternal love

About the Author: John Coates

John Coates was born in 1912 into a Yorkshire engineering family He went to Haileybury and then read English at Cambridge, where he spent most of his time acting and writing plays and became President of Footlights See Persephone Books

10 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Veronique Veronique says:

    Then who wants you tenderly I don t know Whom you talk to, whom you love, whom you laugh with Who gossips and quarrels and teases and laughs Who satisfies you All those things The daily loving comfort of it all What an intriguing little book Under the guise of a comedy, John Coates gives us a thought provoking novel dealing with the concept of marriage from both the male and female perspective, and of catho

  2. Beth Bonini Beth Bonini says:

    Patience 28 years old, and already the mother of three daughters is an obedient and submissive wife in the upper middle English style She defers to her husband Edward and Nanny, and has a generalised well being due mostly to her own beauty and wealth, her happiness in her small children and an ability to take pleasure in small things She rarely has a serious or analytical thought, and isor less wafting throug

  3. Ali Ali says:

    Patience is described by Persephone books as being a sophisticated and delightful novel it is also a gentle little comedy I m not sure I would use the word sophisticated myself but I do think there is a surprising sharpness to this novel which lies submerged beneath the gentle humour.patience2Patience Gathorne Galley is a perfect dutiful 1950 s wife, except for the fact she has only managed to produced three ad

  4. Bryan Bryan says:

    The subtitle is A Proper Girl Improperly in Love so I obviously loved this.

  5. Cindy H. Cindy H. says:

    I was charmed and amused by Patience but I didn t really care for her I found her naivety cartoonish, really over the top but I m not sure if that was because this book was written in the 1950 s, or because the author is male I very much appreciated the English humor and I just delighted in reading a Persephone novel I admit I did laugh often and even though it s been a few days, I m still thinking about this book.

  6. janetandjohn janetandjohn says:

    Not chic lit When you fall in love, seven years into marriage and three babies later, what to do when the person you love is not your husband

  7. Jane Jane says:

    I was intrigued by this book The summer before last, when I heard Nicola Beauman speak at my library, she mentioned that she was delighted she had found a comedy that would bring something new, something that she felt was missing from the Persephone list It was too early for her to share any of the details, but I m quite sure that this is it It s the story of 28 year old Patience Gathorne Galley She s a good Catholic g

  8. Rosemary Rosemary says:

    I really enjoyed this light hearted and funny story of a naive wife and mother who discovers that her husband is having an affair, but doesn t mind because it gives her the chance to explore an awakening of her own.I don t think it s meant to be realistic Everything s far too providential and exaggerated Just an enjoyable romp.

  9. Pascale Pascale says:

    No summary of the plot of this book can give even an inkling of its charm Patience is a strict Catholic who has produced 3 daughters in less than 7 years of marriage to Edward, an older man chosen for her by her mother even though he is not a Catholic The novel starts when Patience s repressed brother Lionel informs her that Edward has a mistress On the rebound from this shattering revelation, Patience sleeps with a pennil

  10. CarolynKost CarolynKost says:

    What a powerful indictment of religion s singular ability to impede us from being fully human, from experiencing our freedom and the joy of incarnation The protagonist, Patience, is surprised by her sudden ability to experience human love in an otherwise comfortable but passionless life She deems its pursuit to be worth the possible scorn of family and friends She is fortunate to have a sister who had provided a model for se

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