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Pantaleón y las visitadoras Baseado em factos ver dicos, Pantale o e as Visitadoras um romance engenhoso, divertido e sarc stico que p e em evid ncia a outra face de um sistema a partir das suas pr prias ra zes, deixando entrever o funcionamento ambivalente de uma institui o Publicada em 1973 e adaptada ao cinema, Pantale o e as Visitadoras uma das obras mais populares e divertidas de Mario Vargas Llosa Pantale o Pantoja, um oficial do ex rcito com uma folha de servi os irrepreens vel, enfrenta a miss o mais arriscada da sua vida organizar, dentro do mais absoluto sigilo militar, um servi o de prostitutas para aplacar as necessidades das For as Armadas do Peru isoladas na selva amaz nica Rigoroso cumpridor do dever, Pantoja muda se para Iquitos para levar a cabo esta miss o, mantendo se afastado dos demais militares, vestindo civil e, sobretudo, sem nada revelar m e e mulher No entanto, em pouco tempo, o que era uma miss o discreta transforma se no maior empreendimento de prostitutas do pa s, virando do avesso a vida de Iquitos e do pr prio Pantale o, que, como se n o bastassem os problemas familiares, se ver envolvido com uma bela e insinuante visitadora , acabando por p r em perigo a sua tarefa. This is an early Vargas Llosa novel 1978 and it displays his sharp wit, clever exposition and facility with farce An upright and uptight army officer is drafted to set up brothel services to the troops, who are rampaging and ravishing local females in their quest to satisfy their lust Captain Pantoja is a model soldier devoted to his wife and mother, and he is shocked that he must undertake this project, all in deep secrecy Captain Pantoja proves to be a terrific organizer, and the project takes off and succeeds beyond anyone s wildest expectation As there is and demand for the special services, the captain s life becomes and complicated, to hilarious effect.This has become a minor classic, and helped establish his role as a premier Latin American author of tremendous skill and virtuosity This s not my favorite, as some of the developments are fairly predictable, but his characters are colorful and his technique of weaving seamlessly from one conversation to the next is impressive This is an author that deserves an admiring American following. You can t win em all Captain Pantoja s Special Service is a brothel for the Peruvian army in the ian basin The book is a mixture of satire and slapstick comedy, but not really even close to the writing quality on The Time of the Hero, The Green House or Conversation in the Cathedral that proceeded it or Aunt Julia and The War at the End of the World which succeeded it I only found it marginally humorous and could not help but be put off by its outright misogyny Whatever, I will still continue to read other books from Vargas Llosa, this one is clearly not his at his finest.I learned that in fact this was based on a true story and there is a famous movie about this story Perhaps I ll need to re evaluate my review sometime by watching the movie and re reading the book I also learned that this kind of secret service was very common in South America near coal mines, etc. My Spanish is getting a lil rusty This work took me waaay longer than I m used to in investing any given novel But with the Peruvian storyteller this is another story altogether You must at least once in your life read classics in their original language which is why I should learn French sooner than later The flavor of different character s vernacular would be lost in the translation I ve read so many of them in the case of M.V.L.This is a hard sell The picaresque novel, the megacomedic juggernaut, is rarely written or attained Aunt Julia is the twin brother of this one they both ridicule misogynism and inundate the tale with war torn realities that makes one know with absolute certainty that only M.V.L., the Rennaissance Man of all World renowned Writers could have written it.Strangely though, because of the spotlight of the metoo movement, the tones of slight or inexcusable sexism are too much to bear But this happened, too, when I saw Book of Mormon , an illuminating work that seems to have no place in this global unhater ambiance. In the tent of the campaign headquarters of the regiment N 17 of Chiclayo, near the shells crash, rataplan of the grape and dry belching bullets of pioneering companies that have just started maneuvers end of the year, Lieutenant Pantaleon Pantoja, who, standing before a table and a deck panel says the officers, a firm and metallic voice, inventory, distribution system and forecasts by the supplies, is suddenly invisibly raised from the ground, the most immediate reality by a lightning current, ardent, effervescent, emulsive and crackling burning, baked, exacerbates, multiplies, tortures, panics anal vestibule and rectal corridor and unfolds like a spider between his ass, but he suddenly livid, suddenly flooded with sweat, secretly gathered ass with a frantic stubbornness, his voice barely veiled by an earthquake, it continues to issue numbers to produce formulas to add and subtract We have to operate Pantita you, murmurs maternally Leonor Make thee operate, my love repeated gently Pochita Let them have taken away once, brother, echoed Lieutenant Luis Rengifo Flores, it is easier to operate than phimosis and to a less dangerous place for manhood Major Antipa Negron, from military Health, laughs loudly, I ll behead three hemorrhoids suddenly, as if they were children s heads in butter, dear Pantaleon

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