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Our Darkest Hours The eight stories in this collection grapple with the different ways by which humans handle frustration They may be ugly, they may be ruthless, but they remain dark mirrors of the world that we live in And who best to show us these hidden and darker selves than the men and women who have nothing left to lose, who are trapped in their darkest hours, and unable to wait for the coming of the dawn

10 thoughts on “Our Darkest Hours

  1. John Adrian Adiaz John Adrian Adiaz says:

    Since this book is my first English book, I m quite tigilan na nga ito, mag Filipino na lang Dahil nga ito ang kauna unahan kong aklat na Ingles na mga sanaysay, parang isang sugal ang pagbili ko dito Nakabasa na rin ako ng mga Ingles na aklat pero kailangan ko at kahit ang mga nakatatanda ng diksyunaryo upang manamnam ng tama ang bawat salita Nak

  2. D D says:

    I m torn between giving this two or three stars because while the ideas concepts behind the stories were good enough, I m not sure I liked what I read tbh.Sakto lang, I guess Sana binili ko na lang yung bagong Zsazsa Zaturnnah.Typographical errors are there, the typesetting seems to forget what to do for enye and we get words like se ora instead So

  3. Paul Elessar Caceres Paul Elessar Caceres says:

    Poorly written It surprises me when it switches between Filipino English and American English The writing is not consistent with the personalities and backgrounds of the characters And there are so many many many similes and random metaphors.

  4. Danie Danie says:

    riveting seems like a skilled writer, although some of the stories seemed cliche and predictable.

  5. Cameron Cervania Cameron Cervania says:

    Personally, I absolutely adored the stories While not always being a fan of Noir fiction, a key factor to why I enjoyed it was the wit and grace found in every page It painted accurate portraits reflecting little bits and pieces of culture found in the Philippines I managed to relate quite easily due to the homage to my country, and oftentimes I found

  6. Stephanie Alexis Stephanie Alexis says:

    I ve not read a lot of noir literature, so this was quite a refreshing read that compelled me to adjust to the tone, language, and style No One Else But Us was especially interesting because it was one of the few stories where I felt the impending doom and the cold rush of fear the characters felt I m disappointed though that this book wasn t proofread

  7. Rio C Rio C says:

    I personally like noir literature, so I liked these stories well Also, it being set in my home country is a big bonus and to an extent, makes itrelatableThe author was successfully able to incorporate urban legends, ancient folklore, a post apocalyptic setting, and modern day problems in his stories, proving his skill and talent Great read, overall.

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