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Original Dwelling Place: Zen Buddhist Essays In this collection of twenty three essays, Robert Aitken retraces the origins of American Zen Buddhism and provides readings of influential texts Reflecting on death, on marriage, and on Zen practice, Aitken always points out the path to pleasure in the everyday dewdrop world There is a fine art to presenting complex ideas with simplicity and insight in a manner that both shepherds and inspires Robert Aitkens Original Dwelling Place Zen Buddhist Essays succeeds in doing just this, offering twenty three essays from Americas senior Zen roshi and author of the best selling, groundbreaking primer Taking the Path of Zen Just as Taking the Path of Zen is the definitive handbook for Zen practice, the essays gathered in Original Dwelling Place are essential for the light they shed on Aitken Roshis own journey and the effect he has had on American Zen Buddhism Gathered here are essays about the Zen texts Aitken has studied with avidity and close attention throughout the years texts that were early and lasting influences In an opening section entitled Ancestors, Aitken pays homage to the masters who influenced his own development and Zen Buddhism generally In other meditations, Robe

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Robert Aitken is a retired master of the Diamond Sangha, a Zen Buddhist society he founded in Honolulu in 1959 with his late wife Anne Hopkins Aitken A lifetime resident of Hawai i, Aitken R shi is a graduate of the University of Hawai i with a BA degree in English literature and an MA degree in Japanese studies In 1941, he was captured on Guam by invading Japanese forces, and interned in Japan for the duration of World War II In the camp, he met the British scholar R.H Blyth, who introduced him to Zen Buddhism After the war, he practiced Zen with Senzaki Nyogen Sensei in Los Angeles, and traveled frequently to Japan to practice in monasteries and lay centers with Nakagawa S en R shi, Yasutani Haku un R shi, and Yamada K un R shi In 1974, he was given approval to teach by the Yamada R shi, Abbot of the Sanbo Kyodan in Kamakura, Japan, who gave him transmission as an independent master in 1985 Aitken R shi is the author ofthan ten books on Zen Buddhism , and co author of a book length Buddhist Christian dialogue In Hawai i he was instrumental in founding the Koko An Zendo, the P lolo Zen Center, the Maui Zendo, and the Garden Island Sangha A number of other centers in Europe, North and South America, and Australasia are part of the Diamond Sangha network Aitken R shi is co founder of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship now with a local East Hawai i Chapter and serves on its international board of advisors He has been active in a number of peace, social justice, and ecological movements, and his writing reflects his concern that Buddhists be engaged in social applications of their experience Aitken R shi has given full transmission as independent masters to Nelson Foster, Honolulu Diamond Sangha and Ring of Bone Zendo in Nevada City, California John Tarrant , Pacific Zen Institute in Santa Rosa, California Patrick Hawk, Zen Desert Sangha in Tucson, Arizona, and Mountain Cloud Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico Joseph Bobrow, Harbor Sangha in San Francisco, California Jack Duffy , Three Treasures Sangha in Seattle, Washington Augusto Alcalde, Vimalakirti Sangha, in Cordoba, Argentina and Rolf Drosten, Wolken und Mond Sangha Clouds and Moon Sangha , in Leverkusen, Germany He authorized Pia Gyger, One Ground Zendo in Luzern, Switzerland, as an affiliate teacher of the Diamond Sangha He joined with John Tarrant in giving transmission as independent masters to Subhana Barzaghi in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia and to Ross Bolleter in Perth, Western Australia As a retired master, Aitken R shi works with a few long time students, and continues to study and write His work,Zen Master Raven Sayings and Doings of a Wise Bird , was published by Tuttle in 2002 review Hisrecent publications,The Morning Star New and Collected Zen Writings , and a new edition ofA Zen Wave Basho s Haiku and Zen , were released in October, 2003, by Shoemaker and Hoard.

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    I think Robert Aitken would make a wonderful teacher This is an illuminating book There is a compassion and insight within its pages that shines out and that is truly enlightening Just being in the company of this book fills my world with light.

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    Essential to any zen practitioner.

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