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O'Baby Ireland is famous for its beauty, its magic and its lyrical names This one of a kind baby name book offers hundreds of choices for parents to be from ancient to modern names and from popular to rare Includes A to Z listings on a variety of themes

10 thoughts on “O'Baby

  1. Crystal Crystal says:

    This book was disappointing it was not very easy to read or use, and most of the names were such ethnic extremes that only a die hard Gaelic and or Celtic fan would actually name a child one of them.On the other hand, there were some cool names scattered in between the extreme ones, and I learned a few interesting facts about the culture Not many

  2. Melina Melina says:

    Only average I guess It has a nice selection of lesser known names, but the format I feel is awkward, and I know some of the info given is incorrect Overall, it s ok.

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