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O Oito Conta a lenda que os Mouros ofereceram a Carlos Magno um tabuleiro de xadrez que continha a chave para dominar o mundoSul de Fran a,No auge da Revolu o Francesa, o lend rio tabuleiro de xadrez de Carlos Magno, oculto h mais de um mil nio nas profundezas da Abadia de Montglane, corre o risco de ser descoberto As suas pe as encerram um intricado enigma e quem o decifrar ter acesso a uma antiga f rmula alqu mica que lhe conceder um poder ilimitado Para mant las fora do alcance de m os erradas, as novi as Mireille e Valentine dever o espalh las pelos quatro cantos do mundoDois s culos depois, Catherine Velis, uma jovem perita inform tica, enviada para a Arg lia com o objectivo de desenvolver um software para a OPEP Nas v speras da sua partida de Nova Iorque, um negociante de antiguidades faz lhe uma proposta misteriosa reunir as pe as de um antigo xadrez Cat v se assim envolvida na busca do lend rio jogo de xadrez e torna se numa das pe as desta partida milenar, jogada ao longo dos s culos por reis e artistas, pol ticos e matem ticos, m sicos e fil sofos, libertinos e o pr prio clero Quem est de que lado De quem ser o pr ximo lance Passado e presente entrecruzam se magistralmente neste thriller excepcional de uma autora de culto em todo o mundo, considerada a grande precursora dos romances de Dan Brown

10 thoughts on “O Oito

  1. Jamal Jamal says:

    Three weeks ago I held a yard sale To pass the time I picked up this book I d never seen from a box of books none of which I d ever read and none of which I remember buying.Of the many surreal happenings of that day one of the most strange was when, immediately after rea

  2. James James says:

    4 stars to Katherine Neville s The Eight I stumbled upon this one by hearing about book 2 s release and had to start first from the beginning I m so glad I did.Characters are well developed Plot is intricate Suspense is on target Story telling and narration are rich I want a

  3. Deborah Harkness Deborah Harkness says:

    This book was the first of its kind a historical thriller whodunnit magical story that was published in 1988 In a way, all the similar books that have come after Dan Brown, Kostova s The Historian are following in Neville s footsteps If you read it now, it may seem flat in compari

  4. Diana Diana says:

    I was told by several people whose books tastes I generally respect that I would love this book sadly, that wasn t the case I found it tiresome, hard to follow, and the writing was almost impossible to slog through in several places The characters were never fully developed, I never go

  5. Robert Beveridge Robert Beveridge says:

    Katherine Neville, The Eight Ballantine, 1988 This novel has achieved almost cult status in some circles, and many people consider it one of the best adventure novels ever written It s a useful way to separate folks you know into two categories those who areinterested in plot, and those who

  6. Mike (the Paladin) Mike (the Paladin) says:

    FLASH Definition of the word thriller changes Now the word thriller can be deemed to include slow moving, overly convoluted stories that wander from point to point with little actual plot development or indeed plot involvment Yes we have another story here in the vein of The Da Vinci Code I have

  7. LauraKaarina LauraKaarina says:

    The tworecent books that most closely resemble The Eight are The Da Vinci Code and Kate Mosse s The Labyrinth, but I found The Eight aenjoyable read than either of them The novel is utterly audacious in its ab use of historical characters, completely, joyfully implausible in its plotting, and I m not

  8. Anna Anna says:

    an amazing book, especially in the end the last 100 pages were a real page turner

  9. Keith Keith says:

    The Eight reads like a student attempting to wow her professor by using as many similies as she can irony intended I think Neville chose the name The Eight, because there are roughly eight sentences per chapter that don t contain a forced, awkward similie.At least that was true for the first 90% of the novel,

  10. LJ LJ says:

    The Eight ExKathleen NevilleThe Montglane Service, an ornate, jeweled chess set given to Charlemagne by the Moors, is said to hold a code which when deciphered will bring great power Nations and individuals have schemed to possess all the pieces As the set is dispersed during the French Revolution, a young novice r

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