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Monster Alex Delaware is back And in Jonathan Kellerman s riveting and ingenious new novel, Monster, he faces one of the most grisly and baffling mysteries of his career How can a nonfunctional psychotic locked up in a supposedly secure institution for homicidal madmen predict brutal murders in the outside world Delaware and his friend and partner Detective Milo Sturgis must penetrate this enigma in order to stop the horrific killingsA marginal actor is found dead in a car trunk, sawn in half Months later, a psychologist at a hospital for the criminally insane is discovered murdered and mutilated in a tantalizingly similar way When reports of an inmate s incoherent ramblings begin to make frightening sense as predictions of yet slayings, Delaware and Sturgis are drawn into a web of family secrets, vengeance, and manipulation both inside the asylum and on the streets of LA where death, drugs, and sex are marketed as commodities The climactic discovery they make as they race to prevent killings gives fresh and terrifying meaning to the concept of monstrosity

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  1. jv poore jv poore says:

    Always a fan of Mr Kellerman, Monster does not disappoint I found this to be an intricately woven mystery with plenty of new and colorful characters to enrich the tantalizing plot but not so many that a separate spreadsheet would be necessary to keep up This story features the sweet and smart Alex Delaware and his pal, the mighty Milo The story allows the reader to solve the mystery along with t

  2. ༒ Thia ༒ Thia says:

    TheKellerman I read, theI become a fan.The first book I picked up by him took me two attempts to get into The second I seemed to enjoyThe third this one I loved Gripped from almost the beginning and left wanting to read just onechapter to uncover a bitof the story There isn t really a big twist at the end, it sthat answers unfold throughout the book, keeping the reader wanting .

  3. aPriL does feral sometimes aPriL does feral sometimes says:

    In this Delaware mystery, number 13, a mentally ill monster is killing people Maybe Alex Delaware, my favorite fictional psychologist and amateur detective superhero, is called in when bodies are found horribly mutilated, obviously the work of a deranged killer Because Alex cares and has the time and credentials, he helps Milo Sturgis, one of my favorite fictional professional detectives, gain access to

  4. Larry Bassett Larry Bassett says:

    This is my first Jonathan Kellerman book He has been on my TBR list for some time but I was slow to get to him because I am reading so many other series I am in the midst of Andrew Vachss, Sara Paretsky, Loren Estleman, Michael Connolly, Scott Turow, Karin Slaughter, George Pelecanos and probably a fewthat I am not remembering right now Monster is the thirteenth book in the twenty eight book Alex Delaware s

  5. Susan Poling Susan Poling says:

    This is the second time I ve read this book I picked it up at the ESL book sale and got to the second chapter before realizing I d already read it However, since I didn t remember the ending, I decided to read it again and found it very enjoyablethat is if you like rather gory subject matter I always enjoy the Alex Delaware books He and Milo make a great pair of investigator I also like seeing what is happening

  6. Sam (she_who_reads_) Sam (she_who_reads_) says:

    Another super solid Alex Delaware novel, I m really enjoying reading this huge series Some pretty outdated language terminology in this one, but it was published in the 90s so understandable.

  7. Rohit Enghakat Rohit Enghakat says:

    My first Kellerman and not too impressed with the slow pace of the book Maybe the choice of the book was not great The plot starts with murders happening all over the city and it involves inmates of a psychiatric treatment asylum A patient is predicting the murders Alex Delaware is roped in along with Detective Milo Sturgis to investigate The investigation takes them on the trail of lunatics, healthcare workers, serial


    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I believe this is the first Kellerman book I ve read and I must admit I enjoyed it The topic mainly revolves around murders and psych patients Odd mumblings start to come out of a patient after a worker at the psych hospital is murdered The ending was good and there was a twist that I didn t see coming Never would have thought that Crimmins was

  9. Kimberly Dull Kimberly Dull says:

    Overall, this was a good story The plot is clever and interesting But I feel that the book itself could have used a good edit or a different editor First, the writing itself felt like Kellerman wasinterested in reaching a word count instead of telling his story I like descriptiveness as much as the next person, but it felt overboard much of the time Exacting descriptions of what a person is wearing or exactly what roads are be

  10. Renee Renee says:

    Meh I usually like Jonathan Kellerman books but I had a hard time getting into this one I kept wanting it to endand then it did.

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