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Lily Langdon has finally grown up Now that her brother the duke s completely malleable best friend Edward Wallis has been brutally and luckily rebuffed by his intended, Lily knows her chance for a very permissive and entirely convenient husband is here In fact, he is staying in her very own home for a house party.But this promising party s tone is quickly changed by a horrible twist of fate that threatens Edward s very life Nothing but luck can save Edward, but Lily s heart is lost for good when she sees what a strong and devoted man he can be in times of trouble Lily has set her cap on a man who should be unlovable and fallen in love than she ever thought possible Their passion brings great risk, but when a man and a woman prove to be so much together than they were apart, is there anything that their love cannot overcome Love According to Lily (American Heiresses, #4)

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