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Loretta Lynn: Coal Miner's Daughter Born ininto abject poverty, married at age thirteen, and a grandmother by age twenty nine, Loretta Lynn went on to become one of the most prolific and influential singers in modern country music The first woman to be named the Country Music Association s Entertainer of the Year, Lynn boasts sixteensingles, fifteenalbums, and sixty other hits including Honky Tonk Girl, Before I m Over You, The Pill, and After the Fire Is Gone Loretta Lynn Coal Miner s Daughter, a bestseller and the basis of the Oscar winning film, is the intimate, revealing story of her journey from eastern Kentucky to Nashville to stardom to legend told in her own voice, which rings as clear, natural, and powerful as the best of her songs

10 thoughts on “Loretta Lynn: Coal Miner's Daughter

  1. Julie Julie says:

    Reading Road Trip 2020Current location KentuckyYeah, I m proud to be a finished with this memoir cause, holy shit, it took so long to read.Loretta Lynn is full a contradictionsand there s plenty a what I hate here name dropping.Yeah, I m proud to be a finished with this memoirof this woman who was simultaneouslyin love with her damned scoundrel of a husbandand overl

  2. Erin Erin says:

    4.5 StarsAs a Kentuckian I may be biased but I think Kentucky born Stars are the best I mean we got Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Irene Dunne, Johnny Depp and George Clooney Of course my top 2 are Muhammad Ali and Loretta Lynn I know what you re thinking Loretta Lynn Really Yes really Loretta Lynn is probably one of the most authentic people not just celebrity but a

  3. Katie Thomson Katie Thomson says:

    read this book or i will take you to fist city.

  4. Donna Donna says:

    This autobiography was a solid 4 star, even with the chaotic writing I always like it when autobiographies memoirs biographies feel open and honest, and this one did that And Sissy Spacek did the narration which was a plus for me.Loretta Lynn was a strong willed woman and had in her mind exactly how she wanted things I think that is why this book felt a little chaotic She wanted this

  5. Karin Karin says:

    Once again, Sissy Spacek is brilliant as Loretta Lynn That said, the movie is much, much, much better than this book Not that this book is terrible, but not being a fan of Loretta Lynn who is older than my father growing up and first hearing her music in the movie starring, as you have no doubt ascertained if you didn t already know, the brilliant Sissy Spacek I realize I amof a fan of the

  6. Anna Priest Saylor Anna Priest Saylor says:

    It s an easy read If you re interested in the hill billy lifestyle then this is a great book Loretta Lynn was brought up very backwoods Kentucky and it talks about how she became a big country star Also, she s hilarious.

  7. BAM The Bibliomaniac BAM The Bibliomaniac says:

    The most saccharine piece of self aggrandizement I haze ever read It s amazing someone in the business is this truly naive.

  8. Andrea Guy Andrea Guy says:

    Coal Miner s Daughter is one of those autobiographies that everyone should pick up and read Not because you love Loretta and her music, but because her life story is inspiring Married at 14, and dirt poor for a good part of her young life, Loretta is one of those people who was blessed with luck and talent and a lot of people who love her With the help of her husband Doolittle Mooney Lynn, she rose to be th

  9. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    I just saw the 1980 Sissy Spacek film Coal Miner s Daughter if you ve never seen it, you have to, believe me it s worth it , and when I heard that there was a book about the real Loretta Lynn as well, I couldn t wait to read it This book is the true story of a woman who went from a poor but happy childhood in a small coal mining community, to being married at thirteen, having children at a very young age, becomin

  10. Margaret Margaret says:

    Loretta Lynn was my Dad s favorite country music singer Part of that was because he was also from Kentucky, in fact where he came from was just about 60 miles from Butcher Hollow My Dad was also a son of a coal miner , one of the reasons he related so well to Loretta Lynn I felt like I was sitting down and visiting with Loretta while listening to the audiobook She and my Dad were both from the Appalachian mountains wit

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