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Lick & Devour Anticipating the arrival of her ex husband after spending two long agonizing weeks apart, Eden Mercer has every intention of spending a hot and heavy night with Dominic Armstrong But she s horribly disappointed when the media mogul puts work once again ahead of their fledgling relationship, opting to remain overseas instead of returning to her and their son So Eden resolves to spend her nights at home alone, eating the expensive chocolates he sent her and eagerly wearing out the AA batteries in her special friend But Dominic has other plans in mind for his wife, none of which include being replaced by a sex toy With every intention of licking and devouring every inch of her delectable body, he ll give her a night she won t soon forget Lick Devour is an erotic novelette meant to stoke your flames so you can Lick Devour your own special someonemature audiences only

About the Author: Francette Phal

Francette lives in Massachusetts with her amazingly supportive husband of ten years and her darling two year old son Reading amazing books has led her to writing and she s dabbled in fan fiction before self publishing her own works She s constantly thinking up new stories to write and does her best work when music is playing in the background Romance is where she s most comfortable but she hopes to one day venture in mystery novels She has a weakness for coffee ice cream, tropical fruits and a good glass of wine.

10 thoughts on “Lick & Devour

  1. Riz Riz says:

    3.5 Stars I wantIt is too short It just redeemed slightly my longing in Dominic and Eden. I really liked the couple Anyway, I pretty enjoyed reading this

  2. Crystal Moody Crystal Moody says:

    This book is so good For those of us who have been asking forof the Monster, Dominic Armstrong, we got him This was a completely different Dominic He was a true work in progress, as Eden described him, but he was also a true husband who loves his wife Francette Phal can write her tush off and the woman can weave that

  3. Mspraise50 Mspraise50 says:

    It was so great to catch up with one of my very favourite couples, Dominic and Eden They are still together and forgiveness and redemption has shaped Dominic into the man that Eden wants to spend her life with He is loving and vulnerable and is not afraid to show this side of himself to Eden, which I loved He is also r

  4. Talltree Talltree says:

    What a SMART intelligent sequel epilogue to Monster Hits all the notes right 5 stars What a SMART intelligent sequel epilogue to Monster Hits all the notes right 5 stars

  5. Ira Ira says:

    Too short, oh well it s a surprise epilogue and I love it.I almost forget the real Dominic s character like until Ethan episode Lol..

  6. Lynda Garcia Lynda Garcia says:

    What a teaser This is soooooo erotic and short..very short..Dom and Eden s story continues..wish it was longer But I ll read almost anything by Ms Phal I hope this teaser leads to another novelette.i am sure the Ethan Blake character would want to seek revenge for getting his ass kicked by Domoh well enjoy

  7. Mask D Mask D says:

    LOVED IT but i find it a tad too short what do you expect, it a a novella, duh Scorching hot but their love for each other and their marriage is just so endearing and sweet Dominic the working progress husband lover to Eden, finally realised and appreciated what he was gifted by his second chance for love with Eden and their b

  8. KindleCousins KindleCousins says:

    A quick read that solidified my love for Dom He turned out to be an amazing man I love F Phal s writing I normally hate novels in 3rd person, but her writing negates the disconnection that I have when normally reading those types of books F Phal s character are always intense and multi layered But her strong heroines always stop

  9. Saunders Saunders says:

    this erotic novelette continues the relationship of Dominic and Eden Monster Dominic is no longer the monster from the first book We find him as a loving husband and Father He loves Eden without pride, without reservation and completely.Eden forgives Dominic for the horrible things he did to her but he now needs to forgive himself

  10. --karen Green-berry --karen Green-berry says:

    Dominic and Eden BRAB ONLINE BOOK CLUBI was thrilled with this revisit with Dominic and Eden and to get a glimpse into their life Dominic has come a long way from the Monster that he was.

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