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Leeway Cottage In April , as the Nazis march into Denmark, Sydney Brant, a wealthy girl of the Dundee summer colony, marries a gifted Danish pianist, Laurus Moss They believe they are well matched, as young lovers do, but Laurus s beloved family is in Copenhagen, hostage to what the fortunes of Hitler s war will bring By the time the war is over, Laurus s family has played an active role in Denmark s grassroots rescue of virtually all seven thousand of the country s Jews Meanwhile, in America, Sydney has led a group knitting for the war effort, and had a babyCombining the story of one long American twentieth century marriage with one of the most stirring stories of World War II, Leeway Cottage is a beautifully written tour de force of a novel

10 thoughts on “Leeway Cottage

  1. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    I have mixed feelings about this book I enjoyed the beginning, reading about Sydney s unhappy childhood She desperately wanted to be loved and approved of, especially by her stepmother Candace She finally had enough and was strong enough to take her chances and pursue her dreams in New York I also enjoyed the middle of the book about what it was like in D

  2. LL LL says:

    This book was very readable it only took me a day and a half to finish it but it was frustrating in its inconsistency The WWII Danish Resistance Concentration camp stuff was certainly interesting reading and compelling, but it felt like a completely different novel than the domestic comical rest of the book Jumping back and forth between these stories made

  3. Book Concierge Book Concierge says:

    A Victorian summer house Leeway Cottage is the one constant in the life of Annabee Sydney Brant Moss Covering the time period from 1924 to 1993, this book explores the relationship between two people who are very different Annabee grows up the privileged only child of a father who dotes on her and a mother who seems to resent her They live in Ohio but have

  4. Kristina Kristina says:

    Very depressing and I don t know if I would want to read it again, but I m giving it four stars because I think they re well deserved I read some reviews on here and I can see that people are disappointed annoyed that Sydney wound up being much like her own detestable mother My own mother is a difficult woman and I wonder if perhaps the majority of people th

  5. shalla shalla says:

    I only finished this book because, every time I said a fewpages and I was going to give up, it would go a few pages completely enchanting and interesting The book itself though, I didn t enjoy, for 1 a lot of it was like reading a history book, with pages and pages of no story, but just stating history of the times I don t mind learning history through fictio

  6. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    This book, published in 2005, feels patently, urgently relevant The story of a marriage spanning much of the 20th century, it transports the reader to a small community on the Maine coast, then Europe during World War II, then back to suburban Connecticut in the determinedly hedonistic, WASPy 60 s, then a final flashback to the German concentration camp at Rav

  7. Sue Sue says:

    I don t know how I feel about this one I can t say that I enjoyed it And I can t say that I particularly liked any of the characters either I thought the story about the Danish resistance during World War II was interesting but I felt like that took you out of the story of the marriage of Laurus and Sydney and then you instantly dropped back into it without any

  8. June Harris June Harris says:

    I loved this book No one else I know seems to have been as take with it as I was, but I was enthralled from beginning to end I do tend to like character driven novelsthan plot driven novels, and those that include a bit of history always intrigue me Still, I sent this novel to all the people I know who might have liked it, but none were as fond of it as I Her se

  9. Robin Nicholas Robin Nicholas says:

    This book started with a typical premise We start getting to know the main characters as children one rich and one poor and end up following them though their lives Half of the story takes place in the United States and the other takes place in Norway It ended up being a very deep, thought provoking book that I think will stay with me for a long time I have had d

  10. Marilyn Marilyn says:

    This story combined the lives and relationships of the Brant and Moss families with the story of the Danish resistance to the Nazis invasion and the rescue of Danish Jews At times the story line seemed a bit disjointed However, it was packed with a great deal of history which I found well presented, and the main characters were well developed I found it difficult

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