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La guerra della fine del mondo Alla fine dell Ottocento, nel Nordest del Brasile, appare una strana figura di santo e di profeta le ossa sporgenti e gli occhi ardevano di un fuoco perpetuo che attira intorno a s migliaia di persone sbandate e vinte dalle ingiustizie della vita Cos comincia la storia memorabile della piccola e remota Canudos, solitario avamposto contro l immenso Brasile e incontaminato luogo di pace, che sar raso al suolo e cancellato dal nuovo governo repubblicano Raccontando cose attuali, concrete, quotidiane, inevitabili come la fine del mondo e il giudizio universale , Vagas Llosa ricrea uno dei pi tragici episodi della storia dell America Latina, facendone un romanzo e una saga di forte intensit , specchio realistico e insieme fantastico delle crudelt , speranze e illusioni dell uomo

About the Author: Mario Vargas Llosa

Mario Vargas Llosa, born in Peru in 1936, is the author of some of the most significant writing to come out of South America in the past fifty years His novels include The Green House, about a brothel in a Peruvian town that brings together the innocent and the corrupt The Feast of the Goat, a vivid re creation of the Dominican Republic during the final days of General Rafael Trujillo s insidious regime and Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter, a comedic semi autobiographical account of an aspiring writer named Marito Varguitas, who falls in love with Julia, the divorced sister in law of his Uncle Lucho He is also a widely read and respected essayist, writing everything from newspaper opinion pieces to critical works on other writers, including The Perpetual Orgy on Flaubert.Vargas Llosa is also active outside the literary arena, and was a serious contender for the presidency of Peru in 1990 eventually losing to the now disgraced Alberto Fujimori , an experience he documented in his memoir, A Fish in the Water On the controversial nature of some of his work he said, The writer s job is to write with rigor, with commitment, to defend what they believe with all the talent they have I think that s part of the moral obligation of a writer, which cannot be only purely artistic I think a writer has some kind of responsibility at least to participate in the civic debate I think literature is impoverished, if it becomes cut from the main agenda of people, of society, of life He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for the year 2010, for his cartography of structures of power his trenchant images of the individual s resistance, revolt, and defeat.http us.macmillan.com author mariov

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  1. BlackOxford BlackOxford says:

    Practical EschatologyAt precisely the time that Fyodor Dostoevsky was writing of the Grand Inquisitor and his confrontation with a Jesus returned to the world 1879 80 , the events he was fictionalising were playing themselves out in the scrublands of the Brazilian State of Bahia In fact, the Brazilian drama surpasses Dostoevsky s plot by incl

  2. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    La guerra del fin del mundo The war of the end of the world, Mario Vargas LlosaThe War of the End of the World is one of the great modern historical novels Inspired by a real episode in Brazilian history, Mario Vargas Llosa tells the unforgettable story of an apocalyptic movement, led by a mysterious prophet, in which prostitutes, beggars and bandits

  3. brian brian says:

    that s what happens when the world s most overrated living author GGM gets punched in the face by a far superior one MVL the fight occurred in a mexican moviehouse in 1976 and neither of em have ever discussed said incident whatever went down a woman politics , i wish i was there to give the chubby bastard a kick in the ribs when he was on the ground the war

  4. Vit Babenco Vit Babenco says:

    The War of the End of the World is a panoramic and polychromatic canvas it is equally historical, philosophical, psychological and adventurous story and one of the deepest at that.Do the rhetorical quarrels of bourgeois political parties have anything to do with the interests of the humble and downtrodden The question is posed and the entire novel is a meticulous a

  5. Henry Avila Henry Avila says:

    That a mad man walking from village to village in the poor northeast of Brazil in the state of Bahia, during the late 1800 s preaching to the poor the brotherhood of all, and the end of the world would cause the deaths of countless people, and shake the very foundation of the new republic is unfathomable Since the abolition of slavery and the monarchy less then a decade ago

  6. Michael Finocchiaro Michael Finocchiaro says:

    This riveting story about a true event in Brasilian history is a page turner The story of the surprising rise and inevitable fall of the commune of Canudo out in the middle of the Bahia region is told from several perspectives and using painstaking detail The scenes of battle are excruciating and incredibly realistic Once again, Mario Vargas Llosa has delivered a marvelous piece of

  7. WILLIAM2 WILLIAM2 says:

    3.5 stars What an elephantine statement I began the novel with the impression that it was kind of a Christian millenarian Germinal in terms of the bleakness of its storyline By the end, however, it was clear to me that Vargas Llosa s model was predominantly Russian When AC says here that there is a certain archaism and hieratic nature in the writing, I think this is in part what he means,

  8. Fabian Fabian says:

    Hailed as his masterpiece, War of the End of the World is megadense It churns inside the brain as it desperately tries to make sense of what is inherently senseless The world of the fanatical Counselor versus the entire republic of Brazil is perhaps one of the most exciting and well written war novels ever, on the same scale as Gone With the Wind There are many flavors here, like in most of his ot

  9. Chloe Chloe says:

    There are books at which we arrive to too soon, books that are forced down our throats by well meaning instructors and friends, books that are passed on with loving grace and books that are clung to relentlessly for years There are books of which we hear much yet never open and obscure books that catch our eye in a musty booksellers that swiftly become those items with which to cudgel our own friends Ther

  10. Jan-Maat Jan-Maat says:

    At the end of the nineteenth century a rebellion broke out in the back lands of Bahia, Brazil.The rebels who are poor people, bandits, people of uncertain ethnicity, former slaves, impoverished settlers, the disabled, all inspired by a charismatic religious leader and thoroughly alienated from the new Republic, were inspired by the hope that Dom Sebastian, the Portuguese King who had died in Morocco in the sixtee

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