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Illinois! Railroads stockyards brought brawny bareheaded men to Chicago from the Western prairies the northern forests Here waited the commerce that built empires the painted women who lured farm boys, the gunman, the cardsharp who settled their arguments w a Colt Here was the American dream of limitless opportunity and an age old nightmare of greed dangerLINOIS To America s great cities came the visionary immigrant the ambitious native to Chicago came brave, broad shouldered men willing to shovel, break, build Among them was the famous rough rider Toby Holt son of legendary wagon master Whip Holt w a daring plan for a new dynasty But even while he turned his strength to constructing the future, Holt s raucous past reshaped his life as an old enemy an old love brought upheaval sudden death to this raw, blustery town And on the fateful day of October a new test of Toby Holt s courage would pit him against one of the nation s most awesome catastrophes while on distant shores, Europe s bloody wars become another crucible of America s fate a young officer s infidelity as passions meet, ignite, explode in ILLINOIS

10 thoughts on “Illinois!

  1. Corissa Corissa says:

    I don t like this book as much as the others I have read in the series.

  2. Brent M Brent M says:

    This seems to be a part of an anthology This is 18 in the series so I am sure I have missed something The story is ok, Toby Holt, protagonist is larger than life , impressing everyone he meets and his business and intelligence precedes him wherever he goes The constant adoration and contrived dialogue wasn t my cup of tea This one revolves around the Oregon ranch living

  3. Barbara Wellnitz Barbara Wellnitz says:

    I love this series and this one told me lots I didn t know about the Great Chicago Fire.

  4. Debbie West Debbie West says:

    this book kept me immensely intrigued a the way through I hated the role Henry played, or as his mistress called him, Heinrich The Chicago Fire incident was well worth reading My experience was made better by finding it on the Internet afterward reading the actual facts The author did a great job in using Toby Ted, as well as Marjorie in the story I didn t realize the enormity of

  5. Awagner Awagner says:

    I have been reading this series since I was 14 My sister found the whole series at a used book store in Stevens Point so I ve been working my way through them taking years off at a time where I haven t read anything I loved the beginning triology Wagons West Frontier and had already read and owned some of the Holts series that follows the 24 Wagons West series before I even started In

  6. Mgsmith Mgsmith says:

    May sound somewhat repetitive here but I got hooked on the first book and it was like an addiction.The author shows how the westward movement affected families and individuals while placing them within history itself.

  7. Billye Billye says:

    Great Chicago Fire of 1871 great book

  8. Michael Garreffa` Michael Garreffa` says:

    Second Time I am reading this series. This book s setting is during the great Chicago fire Didn t realize it caused some fires in lower Wisconsin..

  9. Cws Cws says:

    W Ros

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