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I Won a Spaceship I was astounded to discover I d won a spaceship in the Grand Galactic Lottery I don t do lotteries Of course, nothing is easy but I didn t realise how complicated it would be until I arrived on Geretimal, the capital of the Capellan Theocracy There I encountered corruption, greed and personal danger I also found love, friendship and tragedy Was a spaceship really worth it

10 thoughts on “I Won a Spaceship

  1. Wolfgarr Wolfgarr says:

    Really really good book But i don t recommend you reading it Why Because its been then 5 years and the ending of this book requires another one Really. It ends at a point that demands that another book be released Its not a question of oh maybe it needs another book Its MANDITORY to finish the story Like i said its a great book Even though it is incomplete I do not foresee this author finishing the story..It has been t

  2. David Bennett David Bennett says:

    A good fun read Adult in nature and a fair chunk of the chosen one present but rolled along just fine.Will be happy to buy the next one whenever it comes out.

  3. Iori Iori says:

    That was a special read, I liked how british it was, cool sexy and complex I hope there will be another book from mister Harrison Park with this serie

  4. Eric Eric says:

    Four starts only because of the mistakes in punctuation and some iffy things with the grammar Other than that, what a fun read

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