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Hot Poppies A murder in New York s diamond district a dead Chinese girl with a photograph in her pocket a plastic bag of irradiated heroin lying on the mantelpiece in an empty apartment a fire in a sweatshop in the city s swarming Chinatown the worst blizzard in New York historyThese events conspire to bring ex cop Artie Cohen out of retirement and back into an obsessive world of murder and politics that nearly killed him Artie s struggles to link them take him from New York, his own back yard, to Hong Kong, site of the last big grab on earth, where everything, and everyone, is for sale

10 thoughts on “Hot Poppies

  1. Karen Karen says:

    A page turner and I do like Artie Cohen the main character I did however prefer Red Mercury Blues if nothing else for the great title Will readin this series.

  2. HBalikov HBalikov says:

    Probably a bitthan 3 stars Reggie Nadelson reminds me of Sara Paretsky except this is NYC not Chicago Hot Poppies I believe the first of the series focuses on Manhattan s Lower East Side It could just as well be called The Friends of Artie Cohen Great sense of place and good nuanced characters are the book s strengths Artie is really Artemy, an ex pat from Moscow, who became an NYC policeman and then left the force The plot sucks him back into detect

  3. Helena Helena says:

    This was not as good as others I ve read by this author I thought it was a bit hard to keep up with the different characters, the villains were hard to distinguish from each other Nadelson is very good at describing the setting, putting the reader in the actual spot where the story is taking place.

  4. Martha Martha says:

    Not too different from Red Mercury, in terms of both strengths and weaknesses Wonderful writing and characters, well created tone, weak plotting with a very similar McGuffin at its center Again, though, the writing is so good, the weaknesses tend to be of little consequence by the end of the book.

  5. Lauren Lauren says:

    Babies were in jeopardy which is usually a deal breaker for meBut enjoyable none the less.

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