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Harvard graduate Alfred Chan jumps at the chance to teach languages at the new University of California, eager to leave his life behind even if it means a dangerous cross country journey He knows there are bandits in the western mountains, but he never expects the most infamous of those bandits to stop his wagon train and steal him away into the nightSam and Shane Lyons are wanted for robbing stagecoaches and wagon trains across the western territories, and they don t just take money Sometimes, they kidnap educated men A mysterious Chinese scroll holds the promise of a better life for the two brothers, if only they can find somebody able to read the strange marks on the page They whisk Alfred to their hideout high in the ragged cliffs of the Uinta Mountains, and there, during a brutal winter, they warn him that his life will end if he fails to deliver a full translationAlfred knows he should fear for his life, but somehow, when he s with Sam, he s not afraid of anything Hold the World Together

About the Author: Pepper Espinoza

Pepper Espinoza has published several books with Liquid Silver Books, including The Zebra Wore Fishnets and The Zebra Wore Red Stockings, Amber Quill Press, Whiskey Creek Press, and Samhain Publishing She currently lives in Utah with her husband and two cats She hopes to complete her Masters degree in Literature in May, 2008.Ms Espinoza also collaborates with Vivien Dean, and they publish as Jamie Craig Together they have Amber Quill Press bestseller The Master Chronicles, and The Silver Series with Juno Bookshttp author show

10 thoughts on “Hold the World Together

  1. Heather C Heather C says:

    I really enjoyed this little, historical novella At first, I struggled a bit because I went into it knowing nothing of what it was about I didn t know who the love interest would be for Alfred Would it be his rescuer Or would it be his kidnapper Or was this even a romance at all Turns out, it IS a romance, and a sweet one at that Alfred has been kidnapped by the Lyons brothers notorious

  2. Cathy Brockman Cathy Brockman says:

    Alfred is on his way to California for a teaching job from Boston when a pair of notorious robbers takes him from the train The Lyons brothers have a bad reputation of murdering and robbery He finds there is a third member of the group also and a mysterious scroll written in Chinese that they want deciphered.They are holed up in a hidden abandoned train car Here aredangers to survive the w

  3. ~RMG ~RMG says:

    2.5 stars A good, well written story view spoiler Felt bad for the Pinkertons though, especially Bart It bothered me that we got a background on him, only to see him die at the hands of poor Alfred But, that s the life in the Old West no guarantees hide spoiler 2.5 stars A good, well written story view spoiler Felt bad for the Pinkertons though, especially Bart It bothered me that we got a ba

  4. Maryann Kafka Maryann Kafka says:

    Well written short story.

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