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Ghosts In this brilliantly haunting new novel, John Banville forges an unforgettable amalgam of enchantment and menace that suggests both The Tempest and his own acclaimed The Book of Evidence A surreal and exquisitely lyrical new novel by one of the great stylists writing in English today Boston Globe

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  1. BlackOxford BlackOxford says:

    Cosmic IntersectionsThe world isn t what goes around inside our heads, but what our heads go around inside Context is contents And I don t mean air, sights, and smells as context I mean other heads It is these other heads that supply us with language, opinion, and prejudice, lots of prejudice, which are the elements of the world we inh

  2. Vit Babenco Vit Babenco says:

    Everything in this world resembles something else so Ghosts vaguely echoesThe Tempestby William Shakespeare And the island is something between Aeaea Circe s home isle, and the Land of Nod the place of Cain s exile.Extraordinary the look of things at dusk then, it might have been another planet, with that pale vault of sky, those crouch

  3. David David says:

    here is the thing about banville about the perfection of his prose you can be 38 pages into this book and read I too was eager already for change, for disorder, for the mess and confusion that people make of thingsCompany, that was what we wanted, the brute warmth of the presence of others to tell us we were alive after all, despite appe

  4. Asghar Abbas Asghar Abbas says:

    Some people are ghosts, even when they are alive This is what makes this a horror story people When it is the usual stream of consciousness fare that it is Who writesbeautiful prose than Banville Absolutely no one.This isn t actually a ghost story, of course But if you love rare words and unique writing, and Ireland as I do, then this is

  5. ☕Laura ☕Laura says:

    Ratings 1 to 5 Writing 4Plot 2Characters 2Emotional impact 2Overall rating 2.5NotesFavorite character s Favorite quotes the wind of something that was almost happiness wafted through them all p.7 He had a disjointed, improvised air, as if he had been put together in haste from disparate bits and pieces of other people p.12 fear always hold

  6. Lyn Lyn says:

    Confusingly, This guy gets a lot of grief on here for being pretentious But, to me it is an authentic pretentiousness, like art is Very unlike David Foster Wallace who tries to sound cooler than you or Michael Chabon who tries to sound smarter and who prolly are

  7. Quiver Quiver says:

    Worlds within worlds They bleed into each other I am at once here and there, then and now, as if by magic I think of the stillness that lives in the depths of mirrors It is not our world that is reflected there It is another place entirely, another universe, cunningly made to mimic ours Anything is possible there, even the dead may come back

  8. Hamish Hamish says:

    Yet again, upon rereading a Banville novel, I am somewhat embarrassed about my original review, particularly the comment about his style being unoriginal, a factual inaccuracy the plot does not continue in Athena , and a misreading of the plot and structure in general I still do not feel like I completely get what Banville is going for here,

  9. Bruce Bruce says:

    A very intriguing, beautifully written novel, but not what I ever thought I d like There s no plot, it s rambling, emotionally diffuse and self indulgentso why did I like it so well that I m going to start the sequel, Athena, immediately The wit, wrenching self exploration, and poetical expression of the narrator, Freddie Montgomery, are enorm

  10. Lukasz Pruski Lukasz Pruski says:

    The past was gathering eventhickly around me, I waded through it numbly like a greased swimmer, waiting to feel the chill and the treacherous undertow. It was not supposed to be like this I would have never expected that I would have to struggle to get through a John Banville s book Yet I did It took me three weeks to read Ghosts 1993 and the

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