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Games with Me, Volume 1 Ex Civil War surgeon George Callahan is a man haunted by his past Unwilling to deal with the demons of his childhood he turns to opium, and finds back alley employment with the heartless brothel keepers of San Francisco s Chinatown

About the Author: Tina Anderson

Tina Anderson began writing gay comics and women s yaoi, or Boys Love, in 2005 for publishers Class Comics, Yaoi Press, Sin Factory, DramaQueen, and Iris Print Anderson moved on to self producing her work in 2008, through her publishing circle, Circle Gynocrat Gynocrat Ink for comics Anderson continues to write short stories and ceased writing comics in 2010 to develop her first science fiction serial, Femitokon.

10 thoughts on “Games with Me, Volume 1

  1. Erastes Erastes says:

    Tina Anderson never conforms, and never shies away from pushing hard at the edges of her genre I m no yaoi expert, as I ve said before on this blog the handful of books I ve read have not gripped me because of the dewy eyed and seemingly mentally deficient ukes and enormous and suited semes plus rape being a shortcut to love of course, which seems to

  2. Sarah Sarah says:

    Written by Tina Anderson and illustrated by the talented Lynsley Brito Games With Me is a historical drama set in the late 1860 s The story follows the life of George Callahan as he deals with his demons past and present and his encounters with Jun, a male prostitute.The feel of the book is very distinctive and after reading it several times I can safely say

  3. Shinashi Shinashi says:

    Since this is in comic style, I have different standards, so I m less concerned about how it s written, andcritical of how it s drawn It s actually drawn very well, and in a manga influenced style that s not forced or warped looking I ve read this some time ago, but the story stuck with me on how people, especially sweet, unassuming, people that naturally give out un

  4. Mati Mati says:

    The Christmas gift via Kindle made me extremely happy so I bought the second volume right after reading the first one.The plot line is simple and according the typical yaoi canon which postulates many emotional drama peppered with lot of steamy sex with hint of something depraved and forbidden It brings the taste of good old days when BL mangas were full bloodied action mixe

  5. a_fret_argent a_fret_argent says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Story has lots of promise, but I m not quite buying it like I would prefer Plus, there are several squicky things going on here Jun is clearly of legal age mention is made of his mother dying 16 years ago, when he was a toddler , but his mental capacity is diminished He remains very childlike, which I fi

  6. Michelle Michelle says:

    I don t want to talk about it It left a bad taste in my mouth tsk

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