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French Lover A woman s search for love and independence in a strange city far away from home French Lover is the story of Nilanjana, a young Bengali woman from Kolkata who moves to Paris after her marriage to Kishanlal, a restaurant owner Kishanlal s luxurious apartment seems to Nilanjana to be a gilded cage, and she feels stifled within its friendless confines Her marriage, where she functions as little than a housekeeper and a sex object, is far from fulfilling and Nilanjana looks desperately for a way out of the boredom and depression that threaten to engulf her life It is at this point that she meets Benoir Dupont, a blond, blue eyed handsome Frenchman, and is swept off her feet Benoir introduces Nilanjana to the streets, the cafes and the art galleries of Paris In her passionate, sexually liberating relationship with Benoir, she finally begins to have an inkling of her own desires The relationship ends when Nilanjana realizes that Benoir s first priority is himself and not the woman he loves, and that her need for him has ended But her road to self discovery has only just begun Bold in concept and powerful in execution, French Lover is a fascinating glimpse into the workings of a woman s mind as she struggles to come to terms with her identity in a hostile world

10 thoughts on “French Lover

  1. Anamica Anamica says:

    This kind of a book or rather story i should say, is not expected from a wonderful writer like you.This book is frankly a huge disappointment, especially for your fans.If you ask me what went wrong with the s

  2. Madhura Madhura says:

    There is only one word that comes to my mind if I have to describe French Lover VAGUE.Written by Taslima Nasrin, French Lover, is a story of a young, spirited girl s search for independence and love in a foreign

  3. Nirmala Nirmala says:

    Vague This is how I would like to describe the book.The character of Nila has been sketched so poorly, that you cannot exactly understand her till the end.In one part of the book she is a timid Bengali girl with chap

  4. Prathap Prathap says:

    The book isof the author s interpretations of how men are Funny how all women are portrayed as saints and all men short on character Hope the readers discern reality from the author s world view.That apart, the book is j

  5. Sheetal Maurya - Godse (Halo of Books) Sheetal Maurya - Godse (Halo of Books) says:

    Introduction After reading famous and controversial novel Lajja I seen this book in a rack of the library so quickly picked it up As it is expected this novel is based on woman Plot summary Nilanjana Nila is a modern Calcutt

  6. Shirvani Shirvani says:

    The blurb may lead one into expecting a typical south asian immigrant problems narrative,sadly the book is anything but that French lover is the story of Nilanjana Mandal, an educated, Bengali woman who marries and emigrates to

  7. Sowmya& Sowmya& says:

    A WOMEN SEARCHING FOR LOVE AND INDEPENDENCE IN A STRANGE CITY as the title of the book could be so persuasive , i thought it could be a fight of women facing the difficulties and walking against the male dominating society to be a i

  8. Manashree Manashree says:

    The book French Lover by Taslima Nasrin speaksthan just about French lovers It actually speaks the mind of a contemporary, educated and independent Indian girl desperately seeking her place in the world Her journey and bold moves on one

  9. Rujuta Rujuta says:

    this book changed my life upside down seriously back in 2008 i was in luv with so calld guy for almosy 7 yrs tho he wasn nt evn committing abt anything this was eye opener i gathr guts to dump him.

  10. Tasmiah Rahman Tasmiah Rahman says:

    An okay book Nono less than that Okay because it made me sit patiently for reading after weeks It was nothan okay because I plainly felt the main character was delusional.Nila, a typical Calcutta woman in her 20s, arrives in France to be with h

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