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Flashes of Emotion Flashes of Emotion is a book of romantic poetry, a selection that allows the reader to tap into the poet s insights into a wide variety of topics from life and love to death and drudgery a collection that showcases Augustine Sam s lively, refreshing and innovative style A must have for anyone who has ever experienced love, pain, defeat, or joy.

10 thoughts on “Flashes of Emotion

  1. Sarah Sarah says:

    This book made me realize many things, but the first is that it s been too long since I ve allowed great poetry to grace the folds of my mind It does something to our subconscious Takes hold of us in powerful ways And Sam s work will have this effect on readers Poetry is often written without the type of consideration for flow that Sam uses in his creations I really found my

  2. Loralee Loralee says:

    I enjoyed this collection of poems that looked deeply at different aspects of life They were very sobering, exploring many different emotions, from happy to sad, and in between My favorite poem was Sonnet to a Dame Over 50 I haven t quite reached that age yet, but it still made me smile I recommend this book of poems to people who like to think deeply about things, and read po

  3. Gloria Piper Gloria Piper says:

    Beautifully crafted poetry fill pages with sensual love The first part of the book shows us the anguish of longing The masculine psyche experiences the power of the feminine and storms against it What is the use of love lust unsatisfied Life circles, with its karmic package, its religious judgments against love lust that cannot be denied This isn t entirely a man thing, as women

  4. Mick Foster Mick Foster says:

    Poetry is arguably the genre of writing where reader responses are most likely to vary The large number of five star reviews of this collection may suggest that my rather different response may say as much about me as it does about the poems The positive reviews prompted me to stay with the collection rather longer than I might otherwise have done, and to reach a poem that led me

  5. Stacie Stacie says:

    Flashes of Emotion, by Augustine Sam, is an eclectic collection of poems that will make readers feel, think and reflect on the nature and meaning of a human life Separated into 4 sections, each set of poems within the book touches on the writer s different experiences in the world, and many deal with the complexities of love Sam had some fun with the text as well, with words being s

  6. Robert Brown Robert Brown says:

    The best word to describe the poetry in Flashes of Emotion is edgy The second best word is obfuscation Third would be sobering Poetry is hard to write well and this collection, like most collections, was uneven The good ones were very good and the not so good were not so good Overall I liked the collection Many poems said what should be said and did so artfully can t ask than that.My

  7. Alison Cubitt Alison Cubitt says:

    Flashes of Emotion is a poetry collection which explores emotions such as love and hate, isolation and prejudice The writer takes us on both an emotional and physical journey around the world to cities including Florence, London and New York The precise use of language and metaphor immerses the reader in the drama of the moment A well crafted poem, like a good screenplay uses as few wor

  8. Diana Febry Diana Febry says:

    I m not a great reader of poetry but in my humble opinion this is an exceptional collection which I recommend to all readers, especially poetry readers and lovers of romance The imagery is so fresh and vivid it paints pictures in the mind and as a reader I was able to recognise those fleeting emotions that are so hard to capture I started to note my favourites as I read, but the list beca

  9. Trang Tran (Bookidote) Trang Tran (Bookidote) says:

    At first, I didn t like the poems as much until I reach The Misunderstood Lunatic and I completely relate to it in someway And then The Human Shock Absorber just continues the flow It just keeps on getting better For a long time I didn t read poems that make me feel so much emotions all at once, dealing with various themes and in the end, I find myself with a profound introspection That s w

  10. Marjo Marjo says:

    Book Readers ReviewFlashes of Emotion is a book of poems written to reflect life, love, death, pain, joy and many kinds of emotion The author is eloquent and has a subtle use of language The poems are reasonably short and easy to read conveying meanings that may be interpreted by the reader It is definitely a book of poems to be savored and returned to on many occasions Augustine has captured

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