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First to Find Death is the hardest puzzle to solveMargarita Williams escaped death at a young age, but its shadow has followed her all her life Now, amidst the chaos of a new Australian roommate and mysterious, menacing neighbors, Death has set the puzzlemaker a puzzle of her own Someone is killing her fellow geocachers, one by oneSupersmeller Bindi Ryan left Australia to marry a man who abandoned her the minute her plane landed in Oregon When thieves steal a local sculpture and a teenage friend is blamed, Bindi and her nose must prove him innocent and find the real culprits But are she and Margarita working on two mysteries, or one If they can t solve the final puzzle, the killer will strike one final, deadly blow

About the Author: Morgan C. Talbot

USA Today Bestselling Author Morgan C Talbot is an outdoorsy girl with a deep and abiding love for the natural sciences Her degrees involve English and jujitsu She enjoys hiking, camping, and wandering in the woods looking for the trail to the car, but there isn t enough chocolate on the planet to bribe her into rock climbing.When she s not writing, she can be found making puzzles, getting lost on the way to geocaches, reading stories to her children, or taking far too many pictures of the same tree or rock Morgan is a member of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America and served as a panelist at Left Coast Crime 2015 Crimelandia She lives in Eastern Washington with her family.

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  1. Mimi Mimi says:

    I have been an avid geocacher for almost 10 years, so this is a review coming from someone who knows I really enjoyed it and as a Geocacher, I give this a 5 star review I won t go into a whole description of Geocaching for Muggles who Read if you want to learnabout it, visit but I thought it was really cool how the author combined her own passion for Geocaching into a well written geo sleuthing tale This is definit

  2. Lisen Minetti Lisen Minetti says:

    The story opens in the wee hours of the morning with Margarita, a woman in her 30s with a passion for geocaching She has been receiving mysterious emails leading her to believe that someone has hidden a special cache in her honor and she is determined to be the first one to claim it However she getsthan she bargained for when she arrives at the cache and finds a dead body.Unfortunately, for me, the story went downhill from there As I r

  3. Diana (Offbeat Vagabond) Diana (Offbeat Vagabond) says:

    Original post here What the hell is geocaching That was the first question that popped in my head when I started this But man, I am glad I found out about it It is such an interesting hobby It is actually a treasure hunt People use cell phones GPS to locate hidden containers that are called geocaches First To Find aka FTF a term of when you are the first to find a cache is about a woman named Original post here What the hell is geocachin

  4. Tee loves Kyle Jacobson Tee loves Kyle Jacobson says:

    Where to start with this review. Well most of you who know me know I love to read and I don t stick to one genre I love to skip around and when I had the opportunity to read this book I was excited As I started reading the book I realized that I had no clue what the heck was going on and I had no clue what a geocacher is so I decided I had to look it up I did and what I found is a geocacher is someone who hunts down hidden objects It is a

  5. Cresta McGowan Cresta McGowan says:

    The Plot First to Find by Morgan C Talbot traces the journey of Margarita Williams, a girl who escaped death at a young age But, it seems death is not so easily thwarted as it keeps cropping up in Margarita s life through the people she loves The latest victim is Graham, a fellow geocacher What at first appears to be an accident of the tradeon this later , Margarita soon discovers that Graham was murdered Death, once again, takes a heavy tol

  6. Julie G Julie G says:

    While vaguely familiar with geocaching, I ve never actually participated The idea of using GPS to track down a hidden treasure or cache, sounds like a tremendous amount of fun And wrapping an entire novel around it was enough to have me jumping at the chance to read it.Before going any further, I should mention that the book takes its title from the top line of each cache logbook FTF, First to Find It s the honor bestowed upon the obviously fi

  7. A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol) A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol) says:

    Book source Many thanks to Red Adept for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.Margarita Williams lives in Silver Creek, Oregon, works at the local hospital, is an avid geocacher and puzzle enthusiast She s just picked up a new Aussie roommate who was dumped by her fianc upon landing in America and she has rented the other half of her duplex to some weird, but quiet neighbors Life is fairly normal until one early morning when

  8. Al Al says:

    For those not familiar with the term, geocaching is a kind of treasure hunt where participants start with clues, which are used to get the longitude and latitude of the location of a cache The geocacher then finds the physical cache using these coordinates and a portable GPS It is kind of like a treasure hunt and appeals to those who like puzzles as well as outdoor activities.First to Find a term for the first person to find a new cache is a murde

  9. Joan Joan says:

    I wanted to love this book, but unfortunately I can t say I did Geocaching seems like a perfect setting for a murder mystery you have puzzles, remote locations, hidden treasures in the woods, and characters who may be a little out of the ordinary This book had all of those in plenty I did enjoy the story and most of the characters, at least enough to check into future books in this series There were a few things that annoyed me though People were br

  10. Pereza Pereza says:

    First we meet Margarita She is a veteran geocacher Her roommate, Bindi, is from Australia, recently dumped by her fianc Life seems to be going fine until murders and a theft occur Margarita becomes entwined into investigations of fellow geocachers that end up dead She is determined to find out the mystery behind why these are occurring.Bindi has a mystery of her own when a local statue is stolen from a public park and she sets out to figure out who to

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