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Fiber and Brimstone It s Halloween in New Orleans and the festivities are going to be killer With the help of her best friend Ava, Carmela Bertrand is building a giant monster puppet for the Halloween Monsters Mayhem parade Things get terrifying earlier than expected when they overhear an argument between Jekyl Hardy and Brett Fowler and just minutes later they find Fowler s dead body

10 thoughts on “Fiber and Brimstone

  1. Julie P Julie P says:

    Oh Carmela, you of the eyes the color of the Gulf of Mexico, what happened to you You started out this series as a nice and thoughtful protagonist, frustrated by your soon to be ex husband and his antics, and you ve turned into a downright stuck up snob Tell me, Carmela, is there really a mystery here that you re trying to solve, or has this series just become a vehicle for you and Ava to go from party to party You re even nasty to your seemingly perfect and thankfully for you des

  2. Michelle Randall Michelle Randall says:

    I have enjoyed this whole series, and I enjoyed this book just about as much, although I was completely mistified by the murdered I had no idea, it caught me completely off guard Now, I have to say that Carmela was a little, well many a bitthan a little snarky this whole book, in fact she seemed really off, maybe PMS or something, but she started out so sweet and this book she was anything but sweet.Also, Ava was really off this book too She is normally the height of fashion, so confide

  3. Gale Wilkinson Gale Wilkinson says:

    This is a great series and this was a great read I love that it takes place near home Great characters and plot I am sorry about who did it but glad that Carmela and Babcock get back together.

  4. Lbaker Lbaker says:

    This book wasof the same the heroine who is too good looking with her gorgeous friend who do nothing but eat and drink and solve mysteries while handsome rich men fall all over them Perhaps I m in a bad mood, but this wasn t my favourite in the series nor was it much of a mystery I really enjoy the tea shop mysteries of this author,of a cozy style, and a better variety of characters.Honestly, couldn t the heroine ever get a zit, gain 5 pounds, have a pregnancy scare, or break a 4 This book wasof th

  5. Moondance Moondance says:

    A globulous giant head, evil grin stretched wide across its glowing orange face, teeth jagged as a buzz saw, bobbed and pecked at the air above Carmela Bertrand s head.Carmela and Ava are building a monster puppet for the Halloween Monsters and Mayhem parade when krewe member is murdered Their friend Jekyl is considered a suspect Carmela s boyfriend, homicide detective Edgar Babcock, asks her to stay out of the investigation Of course that does not happen when a friend is involved We soon le A globulous

  6. Carol Carol says:

    Fiber Brimstone by Laura Childs shows why the best place to be on Halloween is in New Orleans I love the references to New Orleans food specialties, history that is full ghosts and creatures, and fun celebrations There were too many parties for me But it was interesting to see a different side to Carmela and Ava It must have been Halloween that brought out their dark side.The murder was secondary to the characters I like the murder weapon for the first one The scrapbooking tips were in k Fiber Brimstone by Lau

  7. Lisa dLH Lisa dLH says:

    A perfunctory rendition of what seems to be the standard outline for American craft themed mysteries fight with perfect boyfriend tips on hostessing and theme craft fabulous gay friend and Holly Golightly BFF and so on I did have to give it one star because it made me laugh so hard The author clearly knows so little about wine making and grape growing that I nearly fell over giggling when I read her descriptions Cabernet and Beaujolais and Chardonnay and Shiraz and Syrah all growi A perfunctory rendition of what see

  8. Kate Kate says:

    I ve read books by Laura Childs before, but this was my first scrapbooking mystery I LOVED it The French Quarter setting was really neat, and the author used New Orleans spooky traditions, cemeteries and lore to create a excellent read for Halloween There were vampire ballets, late night walks in a graveyard, vampire tours, Halloween parades, Howl o Ween parties for dogs, and of course lots of costume parties for adults, complete with festive drinks There was also lots of crawfish, gumbo and I ve read books by Laura Child

  9. Susan Susan says:

    I usually enjoy each new book from Laura Child s three series, but this one seemed to wander around New Orleans aimlessly while Carmella and Ava neglected their shops I had solved the who of the mystery well before the end, but not the why Some of the fun characters in this series, Tandy and Baby, barely got a mention and there wasn t much scrapbooking either Definitely not this author s best effort.

  10. Terri Terri says:

    Don t know why I keep getting these books out of the library The woman who thinks she smarter than the police and gets insulted because they don t appreciate her butting into a murder investigation because she s bored.Seems to be a standard fare for all the theme mysteries.

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