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Fair and Tender Ladies From Ivy Rowe s birth on Blue Star Mountain, her life is full of passion and longing as she writes letters to family and friends Ivy s talent as a budding writer is recognized early on, but just as she is about to realize her dream of going north to school, she is betrayed by her passionate nature Facing an unwed pregnancy and publicly admonished for her sins, Ivy marries a childhood friend who takes her back to the family homestead, where she bears several children and endures the endless toil of a farmer s wife Through her trials Ivy holds firm, knowing that her life will hold happiness one day

About the Author: Lee Smith

Growing up in the Appalachian mountains of southwestern Virginia, nine year old Lee Smith was already writing and selling, for a nickel apiece stories about her neighbors in the coal boomtown of Grundy and the nearby isolated hollers Since 1968, she has published eleven novels, as well as three collections of short stories, and has received many writing awards.The sense of place infusing her novels reveals her insight into and empathy for the people and culture of Appalachia Lee Smith was born in 1944 in Grundy, Virginia, a small coal mining town in the Blue Ridge Mountains, not 10 miles from the Kentucky border The Smith home sat on Main Street, and the Levisa River ran just behind it Her mother, Virginia, was a college graduate who had come to Grundy to teach school Her father, Ernest, a native of the area, operated a dime store And it was in that store that Smith s training as a writer began Through a peephole in the ceiling of the store, Smith would watch and listen to the shoppers, paying close attention to the details of how they talked and dressed and what they said I didn t know any writers, Smith says, but I grew up in the midst of people just talking and talking and talking and telling these stories My Uncle Vern, who was in the legislature, was a famous storyteller, as were others, including my dad It was very local I mean, my mother could make a story out of anything she d go to the grocery store and come home with a story Smith describes herself as a deeply weird child She was an insatiable reader When she was 9 or 10, she wrote her first story, about Adlai Stevenson and Jane Russell heading out west together to become Mormons and embodying the very same themes, Smith says, that concern her even today You know, religion and flight, staying in one place or not staying, containment or flight and religion From Lee Smith s official website.

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  1. Angela M Angela M says:

    If only I could givethan 5 stars A life in letters from a wise and wonderful character named Ivy Rowe Through her eyes we come to know her life,than her life alone, but anyone who was a part of it It s a family saga, a story of a place, a history of events The letters are not written to us, the readers, but to friends and family and even to her father after he died Yet, I felt like

  2. Candi Candi says:

    It s funny how a person can be so busy living that they forget this is it This is my life In the words of Ivy Rowe, one of the most spirited, wisest, and most memorable literary characters EVER, I am ruint after reading this incredible novel Seriously, I cannot get this book out of my head and out of my heart It seems everything else will pale in comparison for quite some time I had n

  3. Elyse Walters Elyse Walters says:

    From where we stood, we could see for miles I thought I could see Sugar Fork but I couldn t be sure, there were lots and lots of hollers, and I saw them all, valley after valley, ridge after ridge, Bethel Mountain beyond but now for the first time I could see over the top of Bethel Mountain to another mountain, blue, purple, then mountain after mountain, rolling like the sea It was so b

  4. Karen Karen says:

    I want to thank all of you who have written amazing reviews for this book that led me to read it Ivy Rowe had my heart, believe you me Ivy was a mountain girl who grew up in Sugar Fork, Virginia in a poor, big family. one of eight children From early on she loved writing At the suggestion of her schoolteacher she begins to write letters.So, this book is a series of letters written by Ivy

  5. Diane Barnes Diane Barnes says:

    I just re acquainted myself with Ivy Rowe, after an absence of 30 years, and she is still the same wonderful woman I knew then I have been in her heart and in her head for the last few days, and am now emerging with an inspired sense of just how wonderful life can be when you face it with awe and courage.Ivy was not a paragon of virtue by society s standards She followed her heart and her p

  6. Sara Sara says:

    This is a fabulous book with an unforgettable heroine named Ivy Rowe It is great believe you me Set out in letters that begin with a twelve year old Ivy and take us through an entire lifetime, Ivy s soul is put onto paper, sprinkled with all her hopes, dreams and disappointments I defy anyone to get past the first letter without loving Ivy unreservedly She surely made me laugh, cry, rejoice a

  7. Cheri Cheri says:

    Baby when I get down I turn to youAnd you make sense of what I doI know it isn t hard to sayBut baby just when this world seems mean and coldOur love comes shining red and goldAnd all the rest is by the way Why worry, there should be laughter after painThere should be sunshine after rainThese things have always been the sameSo why worry now Why Worry, Emmylou Harris, Mark Knopfler, Songwriters

  8. Cathrine ☯️ Cathrine ☯️ says:

    4.5 Take me home country roads I had a friend, recently deceased, who was raised in the Ozark mountains and I could hear her accent and unique phrases like down to a gnat s eyelash as told through Ivy Rowe s letters recounting her life on Blue Star Mountain as she describes passing through a field of lighning bugs like walking among the stars in the sky I was unfamiliar with the author until I he

  9. Suzy Suzy says:

    I had not heard of this author nor of this book before I saw it was a pick this month of the GR group On the Southern Literary Trail It s a favorite group that has introduced me to many great authors and stories, so I dived right in Boy, am I glad I did This book will certainly have a place in my top ten books ever Yes, it was that good Ivy Rowe is a woman born into a dirt poor family on a farm bes

  10. Lawyer Lawyer says:

    Fair and Tender Ladies A Life Well Lived My sincere thanks to Diane Barnes, my reading friend and a Co Moderator of On the Southern Literary Trail, who selected Fair and Tender Ladies by Lee Smith, as her Moderator s Choice for March, 2018.3 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven 2 A time to be born, and a time to die a time to plant, and a time to pluck up tha

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