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Dream by the Fire Perhaps it was the Christmas tree twinkling or the snow swirling, but there was magic in the air Best friends Darcy and Mason have known each other since a pen pal project in elementary school They attend the same university, and it was a no brainer to live together Yet, Mason crossed the country to choose this school over a prestigious grad program He always told Darcy it was because of the extracurricular opportunities Darcy wonders did Mason move for him They cuddle now and then but Darcy s always assumed his best friend was straight Darcy isn t looking forward to a lonely Christmas His parents won a Christmas cruise they ve been looking forward to forever, but it s for two people Meanwhile, Mason s flying thousands of miles across the country on Christmas Eve to be with his family That leaves him alone for ten days The news of a freak storm sweeping in off the Atlantic shouldn t excite Darcy as much as it does When the planes are grounded, the roads are a mess, and the airports close down, Darcy and Mason are snowed in together Now, with the magic of Christmas in the air, they can connect on another level But can their relationship as best friends withstand the drastic change as sparks fly Dream by the Fire is a standalone story with a HFN ending Just when I thought it was going to get really sweet it ended but I kept forgetting it was only a shorty Feels unfinished. I was pleasantly surprised by the demisexual representation That alone took the story up a notch But in genetsl it was a cozy little read that I enjoyed Note my rating here is completely subjective Hermoso

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