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Dragon Strike The author of the national bestselling Vampire Earth series continues the saga of the world s last dragonsThree dragon siblings are among the last of a dying breed, and the final hope for their species survival AuRon, Wistala, and Copper find themselves at odds over the coming human war AuRon thinks dragons should have no part in the affairs of humans Wistala believes dragons and man can peacefully co exist And Copper has designs of his own on the worldAnd the civilized humans who have turned to Copper for assistance against their savage enemies have just given him the perfect opportunity to fulfill his plans

10 thoughts on “Dragon Strike

  1. Rosie Rosie says:

    Dragon Strike is E E Knight s sequel to Blah Blah Blah, Age of Fire In this book, the three siblings, AuRon, Wistala and The Copper FINALLY meet each other The build up to the meeting took up almost three quarters of the book, and was SO anticlimactic For three and three quarters books you are WAITING for this moment, and when it finally

  2. Bogdan Gavriliuc Bogdan Gavriliuc says:

    This book has a few setbacks when compared to the previous.I found the few typos distracted me from the story And at one point, I m pretty sure that instead of saying AuRon the author accidentally says the copper which left me very confused The last 100 pages felt forced, I didn t enjoy reading it, and i feel ripped off cause there was a mass

  3. Jonathan Werts Jonathan Werts says:

    I had been waiting for the dramatic meeting between the siblings since the moment I opened Age of Fire 2, and chills ran down my spine upon realizing that all of the siblings were going to have their own first book I suffered through the horrors, plot holes, and the Mary Sue main character of Age of Fire 3 I re read over the confusing and unexplai

  4. Jonathan Beckett Jonathan Beckett says:

    Dragon Strike is the fourth book in the series and like the others it is a solid read I personally like the third one better but this one is quite different I was wondering what Knight would do now that all the dragon siblings have been accounted for in each of the first three books Well he starts writing the story in all of their perspectives, alterna

  5. Kerian Halcyon Kerian Halcyon says:

    Having reread the book in preparation for reading the 5th one fresh off the shelf, I will say that this one is not quite as good as the first three Gone is the focus on a single character in this book, and instead the story focuses on all three of our main characters plus a couple of others on occasion The good news in this book is that some loose ends are

  6. F.J. Hansen F.J. Hansen says:

    I really enjoyed it There were errors, of course, like name swapping, some confusing writing, scenes where I had trouble figuring out who was saying certain lines of dialogue one scene during the climax was really bad in this area And characters seem to be in multiple places at once, and I don t mean a character with another character s name.Having said all that

  7. Brent Brent says:

    This whole set has great potential but sadly doesn t quite get thereA good read but no meat on the bones So far all have started well and then seem to rush to an end, almost like the author has somewhere better to be and suddenly realised the late hour of the day and caps it off with a quick ending Build, build, build and then blink and miss it This book, as all the

  8. Dan Dan says:

    While I enjoyed this fourth book I found it somewhat slow at times or perhaps less interesting than the previous books.Can t help but feel the three siblings are being set up to fight against each other and dragonkind will again be in danger as they seem to lack understanding on how to forge a long lasting relation with the humans and other hominids Also what of the drago

  9. J.F.R. Coates J.F.R. Coates says:

    Another great read from E.E Knight.I felt that at some points of the novel the pacing was a little off the first half too slow, the second half too fast, but ultimately a well crafted tale The characters as always were amazing Copper being my favourite so far.Unsure where the series will go from here, as pretty much everything seems to have wrapped up.

  10. Aravinda Aravinda says:

    Expected a lot based on the books 1 and 2, but the book suffered from poor editing plot and consistency just absolutely fell apart towards the end of the book I frankly lost interest in the series because of this poor installment after the less interesting book 3.

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