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About the Author: Panas Myrny

Panas Myrnyj pseud of Panas Rudchenko Writer He worked in various government offices and eventually achieved the rank of full government councilor 1914 The works of Taras Shevchenko had the greatest influence on the formation of Myrny s worldview, artistic preferences, and ideology His early literary attempts included poems, dramas, and short stories In 1872 the short story Lykhyi poputav The Evil One Did It , written in the style of Marko Vovchok, was printed in the Lvivjournal Pravda In 1877 appeared his novel Lykhi liudy Evil People , about the life of the intelligentsia His best known work is the novel Propashcha syla The Ruined Strength , also titled Khiba revut voly, iak iasla povni Do the Oxen Bellow, When Their Mangers Are Full , 1880 , which he coauthored with his brother, Ivan Rudchenko pseud I Bilyk The work can be characterized as a sociopsychological novel chronicle it covers almost a hundred years in the history of a Ukrainian village, from serfdom to the postreform era In it Myrny depicts social oppression, internal strife between different social groups, the tsarist legal system, the harsh life of a soldier during the time of Tsar Nicholas I, police violence, and spontaneous protests against lies and injustice Myrny s second important sociopsychological novel, Poviia Loose Woman, 1884 , describes new social processes brought about by the reforms of 1861 Myrny also portrayed the changed social dynamics of the village after the abolition of serfdom in the story Lykho davnie i s ohochasne Ancient and Contemporary Evil, 1903 and Sered stepiv Among the Steppes, 1903 Myrny also wrote some dramatic works, the comedies Peremudryv He Outsmarted Them , 1886 and Zhuba Loss, 1896 , and the dramas U chernytsiakh Among the Nuns, 1884 and Spokusa Temptation, 1901 The most popular drama was Lymerivna The Daughter of the Harness Maker, 1883 , which was first published in 1892 in the journal Zoria Lviv He is also known as the translator of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow s poem The Song of Hiawatha and of William Shakespeare s King Lear Myrny markedly expanded the lexicon of the literary Ukrainian language and with his talent for rhythmic and melodious phrasing enriched Ukrainian syntax13 1849 ,.

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  3. Sieg Sieg says:

    Somehow, if somebody would like me to formulate the idea of the book shortly, I would say It sucks to be a peasant under serfdom in Russian Empire and some peasant will obviously rebel or act out Nothing , nothing less It is quite boring and kind of pointless, to be honest, realistic genre is not my favouri

  4. Igor Osolodko Igor Osolodko says:

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  5. Alex Glib Alex Glib says:

    While some parts a bit difficult to get through, especially with all the history, it is these historical events that are used create the theme of individual versus an unjust society Overall a great book, a must read for any fan of classical Ukrainian literature or history, I highly recommend it.

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  8. Nadin Green Nadin Green says:

    A bit hard and boring book, obviously not for relaxation, but still true to life of an ordinary countryman.

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