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Disorders of Sex Development: A Guide for Parents and Physicians Compassionately written by an experienced team of professionals, this book offers parents and families essential information about the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders of sex development, or DSDDSD refers to medical conditions, usually discovered at birth, in which there is disagreement between a person s genetic sex ie chromosomes and the appearance of the person s external or internal reproductive structures After their child is diagnosed with DSD, parents need answers to a host of questions, including What is DSD, why does it occur, how is it identified, and how is it treated Did we do something to cause our child s DSD Is my baby a boy or a girl Will my child grow up to be normal and healthy Does my child need surgery This concise book answers parents questions in a reassuring and forthright way, giving affected individuals, their families, and their health care providers a current and evidence based picture of DSD It offers clear explanations of how newborns with DSD are evaluated, diagnosed, and treated describes the different kinds of DSD and pays close attention to both psychosocial and medical aspects of DSD This guide also includes information about the importance of support groups and education for affected individuals and their familiesIn their daily work, the authors treat, support, and educate people with DSD and their families This resource gives parents and families access to the authors expertise so they can reach a meaningful understanding of their child s DSD and make informed decisions about their child s health

10 thoughts on “Disorders of Sex Development: A Guide for Parents and Physicians

  1. Lianne Simon Lianne Simon says:

    If you d like a plain English explanation of intersex, this is the place to start.This is a good calm the frantic parents book, but it s not meant to give medical advice If your newborn baby has a disorder of sex development, read this book, but be sure to contact www.aisdsd.org or www.succeedclinic.org for support.The book follows the sex differentiation

  2. Aaron Aaron says:

    Dissatisfied with the title and medical lens There is an Australian book of intersex statistics and stories better on this information in my view and not so discriminatory in angle I know people would walk away thinking intersex is a disorder from this book Do not let this be your guide.

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