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Die Sommer der Porters Seit Generationen sucht die wohlhabende Familie Porter Zuflucht in ihrem Sommerhaus auf der felsigen Halbinsel Ashaunt vor Massachusetts, wo die Tage endlos und unbeschwert sind Als dort im Sommerein Milit rst tzpunkt entsteht, hat die Idylle ein j hes Ende Ein Sohn zieht in den Krieg, eine Tochter wird ihrer Unschuld beraubt, ein Kinderm dchen muss sich zwischen ihrer Liebe zu einem Soldaten und ihren Sch tzlingen entscheiden Erst in den kommenden Jahrzehnten, in denen die Kinder und Enkelkinder der Porters erwachsen werden und die Ausl ufer von neuen Kriegen und Krisen Ashaunt erreichen, wird sich erweisen, dass der Sommer der Soldaten trotz allem nur einer von vielen war Mit gro er Empathie und in brillanter Prosa erz hlt Elizabeth Graver in ihrem Generationenroman von einer Familie und einem vom Meer umsp lten Landstrich und entwirft dabei ein ber hrendes und zugleich entwaffnend gelassenes Bild vom Leben

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  1. Patricia Patricia says:

    This novel is inaccurately titled it should have been entitled, What is the Point I hung in there and finished the book, but it was somewhat of a slog through spring mud After reading the early sections of the book, I thought that it was going to be a multi voiced view of a beloved summer destination as seen through the eyes of several family members It started out that way, but then Graver a

  2. Naomi Naomi says:

    Read my full review opinion I felt this book started off incredibly strong, but rapidly dropped off following the period of WWII I could never quite get into this book or grasp what this book was about after this period of time and felt that the author tried to cram too much of a storyline periods of time into too short of a book Because of this, I couldn t connect with any of the characters p

  3. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    To the privileged Porters, Ashaunt Point, on Buzzards Bay in Massachusetts, is farthan just a summer home it is the place where the family has retreated for five generations to find sanctuary from the harsh realities of life As World War II approaches, the Porters separate peace is threatened by their son s war service and the establishment of an army base on the Point but this also makes for a

  4. Judy Judy says:

    Ashaunt Point on Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts is the location The year 1942 That is when it begins with Scottish nursemaid, Bea, her charge, young Janie Porter, Janie s older sisters, Helen and Dossy, and brother, Charlie Each summer at Ashaunt Point brings changes, both good and bad Love, heartbreak, illness and sometimes brand new lives There are storms, both physical and emotional This is the

  5. Catherine Catherine says:

    This novel satisfied my New England Beach House fetish and love of intricate characters, covering the long established Porter family tradition of summering on Ashaunt Point in Massachusetts It begins in 1942, from the point of view of Bea, the Scottish nanny to the youngest daughter, Jane, as she makes a difficult choice about her future The book then jumps ahead five years, to the oldest daughte

  6. Mom Mom says:

    A multi generational story of a wealthy New Jersey family with a summer house in Massachusetts at the end of the point The writing was satisfactory, and the first section of the book, about the family during World War II, was interesting The character Bea, a Scottish woman who worked for the family as nanny, is a delightful character and her story intrigued me Unfortunately, as the story jumped fo

  7. nomadreader (Carrie D-L) nomadreader (Carrie D-L) says:

    originally published at The basics Spanning three generations of the Porter family and fifty years of their relationships with their hired help, The End of the Point focuses on the family at four different times in history, beginning in the 1950 s Much of the novel takes place at their summer home in Ashaunt, Massachusetts My thoughts Reading The End of the Point made me realize how much I love pre

  8. Lori L (She Treads Softly) Lori L (She Treads Softly) says:

    The End of the Point by Elizabeth Graver is a family saga that basically covers three generations, with the connection being their summers spent at the coast in Ashaunt, Massachusetts Graver opens the novel with a brief passage about the arrival of the first Europeans to the point Then she proceeds to 1942, when the Porter family, three daughters and entourage arrive at the coast to find the army oc

  9. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    On the point you can still find bones fox sculls, rabbit femurs, porpoise vertebrae, and, on the shore in the crevice between two hard lodged stones, a milk tooth lost by a child no longer a child A tale spanning generations, The End of the Point immerses the reader in a specific geographic location Ashaunt Point, which is a tiny peninsula reaching into Buzzard s Bay, Massachusetts From 1942 to the p

  10. Margerywieder Margerywieder says:

    I really enjoyed this book It s a family saga that focuses on a few members of a large extended family and moves back and forth in time a bit I guess some people aren t comfortable with that, but for me, it provides a richness that manyplot driven novels don t Watching characters grow from childhood to adulthood and into grandparenthood and beyond got me thinking about life s inevitable transitions, s

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