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Deep Listening: A Composer's Sound Practice Deep Listening A Composer s Sound Practice offers an exciting guide to ways of listening and sounding This book provides unique insights and perspectives for artists, students, teachers, meditators and anyone interested in how consciousness may be effected by profound attention to the sonic environment Deep Listening Ris a practice created by composer Pauline Oliveros in order to enhance her own as well as other s listening skills She teaches this practice worldwide in workshops, retreats and in her ground breaking Deep Listening classes at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Mills College Deep Listening practice is accessible to anyone with an interest in listening Undergraduates with no musical training benefit from the practices and successfully engage in creative sound projects Many report life changing effects from participating in the Deep Listening classes and retreatsOliveros is recognized as a pioneer in electronic music and a leader in contemporary music as composer, performer, educator and author Her works are performed internationally and her improvisational performances are documented extensively on recordings, in the literature and on the worldwide web

10 thoughts on “Deep Listening: A Composer's Sound Practice

  1. julieta julieta says:

    La verdad este libro me pareci un timo Quiz s la pr ctica misma que propone sea algo factible, de hecho me resulta super interesante la idea, eso de escuchar, y partir hacia una meditaci n desde la escucha Y hay un par de comentarios sobre el sonido y nuestra manera de escuchar, que rescato El adentrarte en los sonidos, porque es algo que siempre se

  2. Jeff Jeff says:

    This book has some really insightful content about our relationship to sound The rest of the book, which has long descriptions of meditative practices, is not very informative The practices aren t significantly different from what you might find in other approaches to meditation, and it s hard to understand how they relate to the author s approach to

  3. Patrick Goff Patrick Goff says:

    I was first turned on to Pauline Oliveros and her work on deep listening by Mike Rugnetta sReasonably Soundpodcast I found her distinction between hearing and listening to be especially interesting, and I expectedDeep Listeningto be an in depth work of sound theory by a groundbreaking contemporary composer.The introduction is full of excellent insight

  4. Scott Neigh Scott Neigh says:

    An odd little book My reason for reading it was not terribly well aligned with its own purpose, so my relative indifference to it should not be taken too seriously The author is an experimental composer, seemingly fairly well known in her particular niche, who has spent a lifetime thinking about listening I heard about it because another book that I re

  5. Cobertizo Cobertizo says:

    Acu state boca arriba en la tierra o en el suelo con la cabeza orientada al centro del c rculo Podr as imaginar que te olvidas de todo lo que no necesitas Al sentir la solidez de la tierra en la que yaces, Podr as imaginar el peso de tu cuerpo se altera suavemente en respuesta a la atracci n de la gravedad Podr as imaginar sentir las vibraciones m s sut

  6. jacob-felix jacob-felix says:

    This book is just okay It seems fairly haphazard Collected materials not really integrated into a whole I probably need to spend the time doing the practices described in the book to really benefit from it The book is padded out with a bunch of essays and listserv posts by Pauline s students Only bits of that stuff are interesting I m still seeking adefi

  7. Ginger Eager Ginger Eager says:

    Recommended by a musician friend after we spent a night setting each other ablaze with ideas in her studio I am not great at listening as a musician must, but I have practiced listening as a meditator might, dropping the names for the source of the sound and such This book has some wonderful exercises.

  8. Julia Julia says:

    Short, simple, democratic, gorgeous an introduction to what deep listening is as well as exercises, this book is inspiring towards any kind of meditation or creativity, especially in groups it taught me a lot about how to teach the arts effectively, as well as think about listening in new ways, as well as getting past blockages of how you limit yourself cr

  9. Cary Stough Cary Stough says:

    My favorite kind of book.

  10. David David says:

    Lovely Reallyof a workbook to return to again and again.

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