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Cosmos: Possible Worlds This Sequel To Carl Sagan S Blockbuster Continues The Electrifying Journey Through Space And Time, Connecting With Worlds Billions Of Miles Away And Envisioning A Future Of Science Tempered With WisdomBased On National Geographic S Internationally Renowned Television Series, This Groundbreaking And Visually Stunning Book Explores How Science And Civilization Grew Up Together From The Emergence Of Life At Deep Sea Vents To Solar Powered Starships Sailing Through The Galaxy, From The Big Bang To The Intricacies Of Intelligence In Many Life Forms, Acclaimed Author Ann Druyan Documents Where Humanity Has Been And Where It Is Going, Using Her Unique Gift Of Bringing Complex Scientific Concepts To Life With Evocative Photographs And Vivid Illustrations, She Recounts Momentous Discoveries, From The Voyager Missions In Which She And Her Husband, Carl Sagan, Participated To Cassini Huygens S Recent Insights Into Saturn S Moons This Breathtaking Sequel To Sagan S Masterpiece Explains How We Humans Can Glean A New Understanding Of Consciousness Here On Earth And Out In The Cosmos Again Reminding Us That Our Planet Is A Pale Blue Dot In An Immense Universe Of Possibility

10 thoughts on “Cosmos: Possible Worlds

  1. Gabriela Kozhuharova Gabriela Kozhuharova says:

    Beautiful, poetic and very inspirational love letter to science, life and the human potential.

  2. Kam Yung Soh Kam Yung Soh says:

    A fascinating and at times, personal, journey through time, space, and history by the author as she explores not the just the universe as we know it, but also the various stories of people throughout history who have placed the importance of science and other people above their own The book is not only about Possible Worlds but also, like the first Cosmos

  3. Hamid Hamid says:

    Our universe began some 14 billion years ago when matter, energy, time, and space burst forth.And the darkness was cold, and the light was hot, and the union of these extremes gave shape to matter and there was structure.And there were great stars hundreds of times the mass of our sun And these stars exploded, sending oxygen and carbon to the worlds to come and ado

  4. Wendelle Wendelle says:

    The Cosmos brand has always been elevated over other exemplars of science writing for infusing scientific exploration with heartfelt wonder and reinforcement of joy over the never ending quest of learning new things Carl Sagan s amazing life partner, Ann Druyan, continues that unique tradition in this wonderful book I learned a lot of things I hadn t thought of before, such

  5. Kaja Kulinicz Kaja Kulinicz says:

    Wspania a ksi ka Polecam ka demu Znawcy tematu, laikowi, mi o nikowi poezji i romansu, opowiada , fizyki i kosmosu Cuda i problemy, kt re dotycz nas wszystkich, s opisane i u o one tak, e wszyscy czytelnicy rozsmakuj si w tej ksi ce.

  6. Ace Boggess Ace Boggess says:

    I m torn about this book It was fascinating and captivating, but at same time not structurally coherent or what the subtitle implies The book discusses science, history, and religions much in the same way Bill Bryson does in A Short History of Nearly Everything, but without the humor However, it does so tangentially, without really following a path This is a book of tangents They re all interes

  7. Joan Joan says:

    Based on the National Geographic television show Cosmos Possible Worlds, this compelling volume explores how science and civilization grew up together Lavishly illustrated, thought provoking, and captivating, the narrative begins with a look at the 1939 World s Fair after which it proceeds to investigate history, humanity, and science It ends, prophetically, with a visit to the 2039 World s FairIt s abou

  8. Mark Tyra Mark Tyra says:

    I love the original Cosmos book and I love many parts of this book So many vignettes are interesting that make it worth the price I paid for the book many times over But it can be difficult to follow the thread of the book or of a chapter You wonder how this is related to what you thought was being discussed, and then just like that the spell of the book is broken and you are free to resume reading or put it down

  9. Lois Lois says:

    This was a great companion to the new series, withdetail than you obviously are going to get in a 45 minute episode, but still similar to the topics as presented on screen But it also ended up being pretty personal at times by the author, using those moments of life to show us how she got into science and why she s trying to tell people about it Some really good stuff here.

  10. Ross Cohen Ross Cohen says:

    It feels good to wonder and hope realistically.

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