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Coop: A Year of Poultry, Pigs, and Parenting Beneath the flannel surface of this deer hunting, truck loving Badger is the soul of a poet Chicago TribuneYou ll find in this book a slender silver cord of smart contemplation about meaning and purpose Minneapolis Star Tribune He s the real thing USA Today

About the Author: Michael Perry

Michael Perry is a New York Times bestselling author, humorist and radio show host from New Auburn, Wisconsin.Perry s bestselling memoirs include Population 485, Truck A Love Story, Coop, and Visiting Tom Raised on a small Midwestern dairy farm, Perry put himself through nursing school while working on a ranch in Wyoming, then wound up writing by happy accident He lives with his wife and two daughters in rural Wisconsin, where he serves on the local volunteer fire and rescue service and is an amateur pig farmer He hosts the nationally syndicated Tent Show Radio, performs widely as a humorist, and tours with his band the Long Beds currently recording their third album for Amble Down Records He has recorded three live humor albums including Never Stand Behind A Sneezing Cow and The Clodhopper Monologues, is currently finishing his first young adult novel, and can be found online at s essays and nonfiction have appeared in numerous publications including The New York Times Magazine, Esquire, Backpacker, Outside, Runner s World,, and he is a contributing editor to Men s Health magazine His writing assignments have taken him to the top of Mt Rainier with Iraq War veterans, into the same room as the frozen head of Ted Williams, across the United States with truckers and country music singers, and once buck naked into a spray tan booth.In the essay collection Off Main Street, Perry wrote of how his nursing education prepared him to become a writer by training him in human assessment, and he credits singer songwriters like Steve Earle and John Prine with helping him understand that art need not wear fancy clothes Above all, he gives credit to his parents, of whom he says, Anything good is because of them, everything else is simply not their fault His mother taught him to read and filled the house with books his father taught him how to clean calf pens, of which Perry has written, a childhood spent slinging manure the metaphorical basis for a writing career Perry has recently been involved in several musical collaborations, including as lyricist for Grammy nominated jazz pianist Geoffrey Keezer, and as co writer with Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon of the liner notes for the John Prine tribute album Broken Hearts Dirty Windows Perry also collaborated with Vernon and Flaming Lips lead singer Wayne Coyne on a project that began when Vernon approached Perry and said, Say, you re a nurse The results were bloody, but then that was the point.Of all his experiences, Perry says the single most meaningful thing he has ever done is serving 12 years beside his neighbors on the New Auburn Area Fire Department.Mike says If I had to sum up my career in one word, it would be gratitude I get to write and tell stories all around the country, then come home to be with my family and hang out at the local feed mill complaining about the price of feeder hogs It s a good life and I m lucky to have it.

10 thoughts on “Coop: A Year of Poultry, Pigs, and Parenting

  1. Dave Gaston Dave Gaston says:

    As a convenient metaphor, Michael Perry kinda pushes this memoir out like an egg There is nothing intrinsically wrong with it As we have come to expect from Perry, it has the same folksy charm and the same exquisite descriptions of both land and life Still, it felt a littlelike an excellent journal and a little less like a memoir There are Wisconsin chestnuts to be had, but he also threw me for a loop This is the first Perry book that I h

  2. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    I ve loved everything else that this author has written This memoir autobiography is one of the few I ve not read until now because I ve been saving it for a treat.Michael Perry is a tiny bit like a Wisconsin Garrison Keillor, with less of an ego In fact, by the time he wrote his most recent book, Montaigne in Barn Boots An Amateur Ambles Through Philosophy, he realized he needed to address his addiction to self deprecation But that s only

  3. Mary Blye Kramer Mary Blye Kramer says:

    Sometimes I wonder what I m doing reading this author when I deplore hunting and the slaughter of animals but it s pretty easy why I keep buying and reading Perry s books They re fabulous He s an astoundingly good writer, and has heartwarming interesting stories He isn t pretentious He s an authentic country boy but owns up when he falls short He s funny And honestly if people have to kill animals to eat then Perry shows the best way to do it

  4. Book Concierge Book Concierge says:

    This is the third of Michael Perry s memoirs that I ve read In this volume he relates the early years of his marriage and efforts to establish his small family on a farmstead in Northern Wisconsin growing much of their own food by raising chickens and pigs, and planting a good size vegetable garden Perry is a humorist and a philosopher His memoirs aren t particularly linear, though they are revealed in a fair approximation of chronological orde

  5. Tamara Taylor Tamara Taylor says:

    I was disappointed that I didn t enjoy this bookthan I did but in all fairness I believe my expecatations were quite high Parenting, poultry, pigsthat is right up my alley Humour, even better I was excited to delve into this novel and was disappointed when it didn t deliver While Perry has a whimsical way of describing his day to day life as father, husband, writer and fledgling farmer, I found his experience unremarkable and his writing style no

  6. Melody Melody says:

    This review is going to beabout my failure as a reader than it is about Perry s success as a writer He s warm and honest and loving and straight laced and, well, annoying in his rectitude He comes from a family that took in numberless foster children, many of whom died agonizing deaths He hearkens back to his childhood with love and reverence, and he strives to raise his own children properly He apologizes in advance for profanity which at its wors

  7. jess jess says:

    I never keep track of where my recommendations come from and my to read list is, well, I won t finish it in this lifetime So I have no idea why I picked this book up It s reasonable to guess, however, that it s because it is a sort of modern back to the land fumbling memoir of the author, his wife, their young daughter and the baby on the way moving out of the city to an old family farm It s not a how to book It s a memoir, and his farming experience

  8. Suzka Suzka says:

    I couldn t decide between four and five stars, so I flipped a coin, which landed on its edge This is at least a 4.5 star read Coop was one of those books which unfolds itself quietly but solidly Though it was not a compelling page turner, it held me kinda how thoughtful reflecting on my own life holds me Note you do not need to have embarked upon a chicken raising journey to appreciate this, though it certainly does not hurt The world in which this aut

  9. M. Sarki M. Sarki says:

    even shamefully, I will admit that often the book felt tiresome Perry s old self deprecating humor however was skillfully interlaced between fits and starts of the author creating a working farm in midst of his learning to become a husband, father, and respected writer of the first rank But you won t find Perry bragging about any of his accomplishments, only the sometimes hilarious reporting of his daily grind at being the best he can muster even shamefu

  10. Diane Yannick Diane Yannick says:

    Michael Perry has written a trio of memoirs but this is the first one that I ve read I m glad I did even though his meandering style sometimes annoyed me Yet, he was able to set a pastoral Wisconsin scene that drew me into his world I saw Shake n Bake, his special needs chicken and actually cared about her well being I knewabout his attempts to construct a chicken coop than I ever wanted to know I shared well, not really his pride when his wife learned to

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