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Clojure Web Development Essentials Develop your own web application with the effective use of the Clojure programming language About This Book Use Clojure to create robust, ready to be deployed web applications Get to grips with Clojure through successive implementation of applications using new features Explore the in depth concepts of Clojure, such as templating, request routing, input validation, and database transactions, and utilize Java interoperability Who This Book Is For This book is for anyone who s worked with Clojure and wants to use it to start developing applications for the Web Experience or familiarity with basic Clojure syntax is a must, and exposure to Leiningen or other similar build tools such as Maven would be helpful What You Will Learn Generate a fully runnable web application using the Luminus Leiningen application template Explore the basics of the underlying Ring framework and the Ring Server Configure URL Routing, Logging, and some testing basics Create new web pages using the Selmer template rendering library Validate user submitted form data Store and retrieve data to and from a database Configure, package, and deploy the finished application In Detail Functional programming enables developers to create and deploy applications quickly and easily Using the Clojure programming language and the Leiningen build tool, this book teaches you how to leverage various Clojure libraries into the building blocks of a web based applicationWe ll start by generating a new, fully runnable, baseline web application using the Leiningen Luminus template From there we ll examine the different pieces that compose our application, and learn the basics of the underlying Ring framework Subsequent chapters will focus on each technology and leverage those technologies to build additional functionality into our application You ll learn how to validate user submitted data, authentication, account creation, how to interact with a database, and Finally, we ll create an environment configuration and deploy our appBy the end of this book you ll have created a full fledged application from start to finish, and you ll have the requisite skills to develop an efficient and robust web application A good introduction to Clojure web development using the Luminus template Covers the basics without going in depth so is great for the beginner who wants a worked example in addition to the Luminus project page aving not done Clojure web development before, this book got me up and running quickly with common sense guidance. He has a funny style of teaching. Good intro to Luminus and the libraries it comes with.

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