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Bulls Island It has been years since Elizabeth Betts McGee has returned to her once adored Bulls Island in the Carolina Lowcountry ages since tragic fate coupled with nasty rumors ended her engagement to fabulously wealthy Charleston golden boy JD Langley Having successfully reinvented herself as a top New York banking executive, Betts is now heading up the most important project of her career But it ll transform the untouched island she loved in her youth into something unrecognizable And it s forcing her to return to the bosom of her estranged family, where she may not be welcomed with open arms and uniting her with ex flame JD who s changed but perhaps not enough Bulls Island is a satisfying tale of honor, chance, and star crossed love, infused with Southern wit, grace, and charm from the New York Times bestselling author of The Christmas Pearl and The Land of Mango Sunsets

10 thoughts on “Bulls Island

  1. Leigh Hunt Leigh Hunt says:

    I love Dorothy Benton Frank s books but the quality of her work has dropped off sharply with her last several books Bulls Island felt rushed Like she d slapped it together in a month or two It was too predictable and lacked the magic of Plantation or even Pawley s Island It was a

  2. Beth Beth says:

    I was able to read an advance reviewer copy of this book It was an enjoyable read, although I think the end wrapped up waaaay too quickly and neatly Also, I expected to get a lotfeel for the South Carolina low country, but this was just about the character s relationships.

  3. Leane Leane says:

    Esay read Not her best with a rushed ending.

  4. Lydia M. Lydia M. says:

    Still struggling to finish I love this writer so I will keep at it.

  5. Amy Amy says:

    I listened to this book on audio cd while driving over the past couple weeks I enjoyed it so much there were times that I would sit in the car in the parking lot The book had everything Lowcountry, family, secrets, love, betrayal, redemption and hope Highly recommend

  6. Michelle Elizabeth Michelle Elizabeth says:

    Another good read by Dorthea Benton Frank She is the queen of, I did not see that coming.

  7. Johnny Johnny says:

    I m not going to try my hand at a hate review because this review of Guy Fieri s restaurant happened 5 years ago and I still don t feel like trying to enter the arena I picked this book up because I ve been to Bulls Island, and because my dad loves Bulls Island, and because the Lowcoun

  8. Anna Anna says:

    Betts McGee was about to marry her childhood sweetheart when a tragic accident creates a fissure in their relationship Bett s flees to NYC, becoming a successful business woman, but never married When her company invests in a luxury housing development on Bulls Island, Bett s is sent to

  9. Christy Christy says:

    I m surprised I didn t like thisas I have read other books by Frank and really enjoyed them I thought the dialogue in this book was trite who really talks this way My other dislike was that it wrapped up far too quickly As I said, I ve enjoyed other her other books immensely, so I ll rea

  10. Donna Donna says:

    not as good as her others, a financial expert is sent to her hometown to work on a project with her ex fiance to develop a former wildlife refuge.

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