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Biting Point LEGEND KING LOVER RACER Three T rules the roads But this is no televised championship, with its own rules and regulations There are no pretty flags or set race tracks in these street races My lover races raw He races wild He races illegally He races like a God I began to believe such a man could never love a girl like me, but love me he does all of me and there are plenty of my fuller plus size figured curves to love Together we stand strong at the head of his exotic car racing empire, but there is darkness brewing As fate would have it, regrets collect like old friends ready to relive his most agonizing moments Dark secrets are awakened, whispering their threats of destruction Will they be enough to take us down The moment arises for him to decide whom is important Me or his brotherhood of racing league members This is where our legacy with the world s fastest cars begins We Ride Together As One Til The End WARNING Possessive, Demanding, Authoritative, Controlling, Domineering, Overbearing, Loyal, Jealous, High Handed, Protective, Loving Passionately Sexual Italian Alpha Male with slight undertones of Dominance Submission Contains Sexual Scenes with strawberries, bondage with roses, ice cream, public oral sex Modern Fantasy, New Adult, Contemporary, Erotica, Action Adventure Due to strong language and graphic sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of

10 thoughts on “Biting Point

  1. Maya Maya says:

    I remember reading this book awhile ago and I tried many times to finish it but in the end I had to give up on the story Not that it s not a good one, it is, but all those details were too much for me to enjoy and connect with the characters and the plot The story has much potential and that s why I feel like this would have been an amazing lo

  2. Shadi ***save your ratings use disclaimers** Shadi ***save your ratings use disclaimers** says:

    Book Facts Biting PointGenre Contemporary RomancePart of a Series Installment SeriesStandalone Cliffhanger view spoiler Standalone hide spoiler M F M M M M F etc view spoiler M F hide spoiler Multi Luv n M nages view spoiler No hide spoiler Was There Descriptive Sex view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Contains Cheating view spoiler No hide spoiler Amount

  3. Mg ♥ The Bookishmedialite Mg ♥ The Bookishmedialite says:

    4 One Engine One Heart Stars.I m going to start quoting part of the warning If you aren t a lover of extreme alpha males leads then this book is NOT for you With that being said, let s start Imani Have you seen the Fast and Furious movies Me Yeah.Imani I swear this books gives me off the vibe of those movie It s so much better Me We totally agree on that

  4. ~Nichole~ Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews ~Nichole~ Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews says:

    I applaud any author who puts themselves out there As one who is struggling to write and raise a family myself along with working a high stress job full time. Its extremely hard So when I DNF a book I want to adamantly say that it s usually me not the book I m about to be 43 this week Gasp it s unreal to me So my tastes have changed extremely over the past few

  5. Richelle Robinson Richelle Robinson says:

    What I really liked about this story was that the heroine was plus size The only downside was that she didn t have much self confidence Not all plus size woman have insecurity issue We have plus size models, actresses, singers etc So I wish the author would have gone a different route and made the heroineself confident Titan was an alpha male to the extreme At times

  6. Elle Elle says:

    Imagine being an author and writing a book about yourself as the main character Congratulations on writing the worst book in existence.

  7. Amy Amy says:

    Actual Rating 3.5 Stars My mom always says deja vu is the universe s way of marking a point in time, telling you that you are where you are meant to be You have reached a beacon of your destiny And no matter what you have done in life, you can never run from destiny All roads lead to the same destination I know in this moment to trust those words and my mind flashes to the quote

  8. yohanna baez yohanna baez says:

    3.5 This was a fun book to read..full of sex and some drama.This story deals with one of the biggest issue that we have,being a size 16 which don t always mean being over weight but that is how society see it.I love that the author didn t use the norm super model,even thought the Male heroine was perfect when it comes to the physical aspect.You have your typical rich ,alpha hero just

  9. Imani Blake (Enamored Reads) Imani Blake (Enamored Reads) says:

    5Can I Keep YouStars I like to start off with as much honestly as I can when it comes to these reviews With that being said, I can tell you I almost shied away from this one I have this weird thing with certain covers that make me not even want to give a book a chance I know that s horrible, right Well if that s you as well when it comes to this book, I m telling you now, don t let that sto

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