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Beloved Enemy Love dares all From lavish European ballrooms to exotic Caribbean islands, amidst private intrigue and raging war, Lanna Malford knew the ecstasy and torment of love Driven from one man to another, from the one who adored her to the one who claimed her in heartless revenge, she was ruled by them bothforever stung by the fervor of her dreamsby the love that should never have been

About the Author: Amanda York

Also wrote under the names Katherine SinclairKatherine KentJoan Dial

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  1. Nenia ⚔️ Queen of Villainy ⚔️ Campbell Nenia ⚔️ Queen of Villainy ⚔️ Campbell says:

    Instagram Twitter FacebookPinterest WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD It s been a while since I read a good old fashioned bodice ripper There s nothing like them in today s market and as liberal as I am, I find myself oddly fascinated by these un PC, misogynistic train wrecks BELOVED ENEMY is a fantastic OTT story of revenge Stupid old Lanna is the daughter of this ruthless dude named Jared Malford She s not actually his child, but he s raising her

  2. Naksed Naksed says:

    Note to self I am out of my bodice ripper phase for now because most of them are too trainwrecky for me Based on reviews, this fits the bill for stories I cannot tolerate for now Too many OWs and OMs, too much cheating and apparently a supreme Ass of a hero who heaps emotional and physical abuse on the doormat, TSTL heroine, because REVENGE never a favorite trope with me I think I have had my fill of the crazy train after Stormfire so this

  3. Heather *Undercover Goth Queen* Heather *Undercover Goth Queen* says:

    This was really addictive and just outlandish enough to leave me frustrated at every turn Lanna was your pretty standard heroine the kind who carries herself regally no matter the situation , but Damon was a bit of an enigma He was cruel and jealous and a rapist but not as cruel as other bodice ripper heroes In fact, he was kind of a big softy inside, once he got over his pride Ior less enjoyed his character I also really liked Alain, but Ra

  4. Mermarie Mermarie says:

    I sped through this I don t imagine it ll be remotely coherent view spoiler Lanna Malford was languishing in her Princess Tower far too long before her family friends decide to give her a much needed season in London Damon St.Clair, with an axe to grind, accompanies a Prince in Waiting, Rafe Danvers, to London where he uses him for a heroic figure to woo Lanna into pacification whilst he pulls devious antics such as staging a highway robber re

  5. Circa Girl Circa Girl says:

    I was drawn in by the vintage, montage cover art and synopsis that included one of my favorite romance novel cliches torn between the boring, ideal man and passionate villain The writing was pretty awful and not for the reasons you would think for this genre Everything was so dryly and meticulously captured that it felt less like fiction andlike notes for a first draft There was no flow I was also put off by the multiple character perspectives t

  6. Cat The Curious Cat The Curious says:

    This one started off good enough The hero is a real bastard in the beginning The heroine is in love with the hero s best friend Rafe Because of revenge the hero Damon forces himself upon the heroine and into a loveless marriage All the while Damon is having sex with his mistress Indigo Towards the end I found myself just wanting to get the book over with There were a lot of loose ends here with secondary characters The hero transformed from bastar

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