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Belinda cassetteshoursRead by Al Mohrmann Belinda is the ultimate fantasy A golden haired object of desire, fresh and uninhibited But to Jeremy Walker, a handsome and famousyear old illustrator of children s books, Belinda is a forbidden passion She s sweet sixteen and the most seductive woman he s ever known

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  1. Tia Tia says:

    So I learned two things about Anne Rice reading this she s a shit writer with a cult following, and a disgusting excuse for a human being The vampire books seem to be her niche, and when she strays from that, you can see just how remedial her skills are It s like with E.L James People say, Anyone could write this crap I could write it Yeah, maybe you could, but you didn t If James would ve attempted to write a serious work of

  2. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    This is one of the lesser lesser known works by the authoress Anne Rice, written under her least common pen name On the surface, Belinda seems to resemble Nabakov s famous work Lolita, but the character dimension has Rice s typical sparkle, the intimate scenes arevivid and realistic, and themodern setting makes itaccessible for many This book is a shadecontroversial and patently sexual than most of the Vampire Chronicles, but less so

  3. Naksed Naksed says:

    Anne Rice s 1986 Belinda is so many things, it is hard to put a label on it The first thing that comes to mind of course is the inevitable comparison to Lolita The protagonist in Belinda, children s author Jeremy Walker, has so many kinks and fetishes for his baby mouthed nymphette that, as one of the characters wryly observes, he could make Humbert Humbert rise up from the dead. Belinda can also easily read as a wildly entertaining, trashy

  4. Dannii Elle Dannii Elle says:

    I m not sure what I thought I was signing up for with this one I knew the author Anne Rice had penned this under a pseudonym and was intrigued as to what the result would be, when she veered from her expected supernatural writing.This is sold as romance and erotica It is neither I feel the need to add a disclaimer here that I do not even read romance or erotica and had I seen the genres this fell under then it is extremely doubtful I would ever have

  5. Kelly Kelly says:

    November 16 2009So much to say about this book and so many reasons why I loved it.If you pick up this book keep an open mind Jeremy is not a perv and this is no regular 16 year old girl She has lived and lived hard in her short 16 years I loved them Great plot, fleshed out Characters I could actually see the movie in my head as I was reading Belinda s letter to Jeremy is so great Alex s friendship with Jeremy was so wonderful and G.G is so cute Belinda s re

  6. Laura Laura says:

    Even with my generous suspension of disbelief, this was unrealistic and ridiculous I think Anne Rice wrote it just to enjoy imagining the sex.

  7. Ron Ron says:

    This continues to be one of my all time favourite books Forget everything you thought you knew about an Anne Rice novel No vampires or the like to be found here Actually, what lies within this book is a very engaging story about a teenage girl and her love affair with a middle aged children s author Yes, I know that last sentence has this soundinglike some sick pedophile story time rather than the gripping and heart breaking novel that this is But trust me and her many fan

  8. Sue Sue says:

    This one was probably the first nail in the coffin that was my fandom of Rice s work, the last being the abysmal Angel Time Not sexy, even remotely, this book is about satutory rape, plain and simple While I was reading it I was, for whatever reason, able to rationalize it, but the moment I put the book down it clicked with me that this girl was 16, I became pretty grossed out I have no idea why so many people have these older man young girl fantasies, but I am actually angry that

  9. Ricardo Ricardo says:

    Ann Rice writes erotica with the same intensity as she does with her Vampire Novels Jeremy Walker, a handsome and famous 44 year old illustrator of children s books becomes totally obsessed with Belinda the ultimate fantasy A golden haired object of desire, fresh and uninhibited A forbidden passion, both beguiling and bewitching and someone he cannot keep his mind nor hands off of Ann Rice writes erotica with the same intensity as she does with her Vampire Novels Jeremy Walker, a handsome

  10. Savannah Savannah says:

    NOTE THIS IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART, AND CONTAINS A LOLITA ESQUE TALE If you prefer aReal Life angsty story with a fairly nice end over Rice s Over the top supernatural bru ha ha, look no further Unless, of course, you are squicked by a teenage girl sleeping with and being in a romance with a middle aged man That, perhaps, is the major determent in recommending this book It s rather frightening to know how good a book is but know that because of the plot, someone will judge you fo NOTE THIS I

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