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Another Mask Behind You Draco is a high end prostitute who hides his identity Harry unknowingly hires him And then there is porn, questions about identity, domestic bliss, porn, and truth as seen through a web of lies And then porn Seriously, if you don t want sex scene after sex scene you probably shouldn t read thistp archiveofourown works

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10 thoughts on “Another Mask Behind You

  1. Alice Alice says:

    I hated this fic It kept me up all night, which no book has done for a while It deserves so many trigger warnings I m not even going to start, is full of angst from beginning to end Because it made me feel so much I hate it, did I mention that , it s one of my favorite fics

  2. Nina 321 Nina 321 says:

    Taking some time out for comfort reading re reading fic by the truly excellent lettered who is an author of awesome sauceness Though now that I recall, her fic is not always 100% comforting but can be disturbing But I m a sucker for that too, and all the angst.

  3. Cherie Chen Cherie Chen says:

    I can t say I love this story, because I don t like the settings, but it s intense and it kept me reading it The story is not as depressing as I imagined it was which was the reason I was afraid to read this in the first place, I don t enjoy sad stories , but it certainly wasn t a mood lightening one Though there was happy ending thank

  4. Melrose Melrose says:

    3.5 stars

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