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American Architecture: A History In American Architecture, Leland Roth introduces the reader to the major developments that shaped the American built environment from before the arrival of the Europeans to the present, from ceremonial enclosures and homes to Modernism and its discontents There is extensive historical coverage of th and th century architecture and regional styles On both the high style architecture of aspiration and the everyday vernacular architecture, Roth presents the historical impact of changes in conceptual imagery, style, building technology, landscape design, and town planning theory He charts the gradual development of towns, cities, and suburbs along with the social, cultural, and political forces that shaped their growth Buildings, like politics, are based on the fine art of compromise, and every building represents a judicious balance between the conflicting needs and aspirations of the client, architect, and builder Americans, especially, it would seem, have been caught between divergent needs and desires, between the impulse, on the one hand, to build pragmatically and efficiently, and the wish, on the other hand, to realize a conceptual ideal, writes Roth These ten chapters provide a full, reliable, and up to date description, analysis, and interpretation of American buildings and their architects Theillustrations consisting of photographs, drawings, plans and maps are integrated throughout the text Well written and comprehensive, Roth s American Architecture is invaluable as a guide, a study, and a reference

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  1. Sarah Sarah says:

    We used this book in my graduate Into to American Architectural History course Pros It does a good job of putting architecture into social, cultural, economic, and political context It features lots of photos It describes many facets of architecture, such as landscape architecture and company housing.Cons It is so very long and detailed Some chapters are nearly one hundred pages long For someone w

  2. Wilderness Wilderness says:

    Leland was my Architecture history professor while in grad school at University of Oregon Obviously we used his texts for the course He s a great professor, great writer and sweet person Plus, he wears a bow tie everyday

  3. Cheery Cheery says:

    Very, very detailed writing A bit overwhelming to be honest.

  4. Walida Smith Walida Smith says:

    The only text book I have read cover to cover and refer back to on a regular basis Must have in your Architectural reference library.

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