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Against the Grain In Delfidian, a future world where females rule and mate only with each other, desiring sex with males is seen as a throwback to ancient times Aurora, a government worker, is matched with a male called Sullivan for procreation, a task generally disliked by females But Aurora likes having sex with him, a lot, and Sullivan secretly enjoys it too Their relationship is passionate, fast blossoming into romance But that s not allowed If the true nature of their affair was discovered, they would be arrested and treated for insanity, their minds scanned and cleanedMeanwhile, Diva, Aurora s female lover, follows the same dangerous path when she sees Fyre, a male When the four deviants explore their sexuality together they find that forbidden fruit has never tasted so good Sexual desire is a powerful force, one that will make us break down boundaries and flout norms when we are in its grip Trying to control it can only spell trouble

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