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A Toxic Trousseau The New York Times bestselling author of Spellcasting in Silk continues as witch and vintage boutique owner Lily Ivory cracks open a Pandora s box when she investigates some alarming apparelEven the most skilled sorceress can t ward off a lawsuit, and Lily is not at her enchanting best with her hands full as the temporary leader of San Francisco s magical community So after her potbellied pig Oscar head butts rival clothier Autumn Jennings, Lily tries to make peace without a costly personal injury case But any hope of a quiet resolution is shattered when Autumn turns up dead As one of the prime suspects, Lily searches for a way to clear her name and discovers a cursed trousseau among Autumn s recently acquired inventory Lily must deal with a mysterious dogwalker and spend the night in a haunted house as she delves into the trunk s treacherous past She s got to figure out who wanted to harm Autumn fast, before the curse claims another victim

10 thoughts on “A Toxic Trousseau

  1. Becky Becky says:

    I am under the spell in a good way of the Witchcraft Mystery series and a big fan of Lily and her store and friends plus Oscar The added fashion history information was quite interesting, sad, and scary Book 8 is a good place to start reading the series and then you will want to read the previous books, if you like paranormal books that are not gory.

  2. Abigail Bok Abigail Bok says:

    Readers should know that it pays to read this series in order By the time you get to this, the eighth entry, a lot of characters have been introduced and have back stories that are only glancingly mentioned here Lily Ivory is the owner of a successful vintage clothing store in the Haight Ashbury region of San Francisco She is also a witch the hereditary kind, not the Wiccan would be kind Okay, so expect to suspend disbelief and settle in for a coz

  3. Elizabeth Arrowood Elizabeth Arrowood says:

    I have a tendency to believe that the further along you get in a series, the quality of each book seems to go down This is not the case here.A Toxic Trousseau was a brilliant addition to the series It may actually be my favorite so far As far as mysteries are concerned, this book is a perfect example the very best I was way off I love how the author was throwing me off the scent with every page It got to a certain point where I was seriously suspectin

  4. Carmen Carmen says:

    When Lily is served papers detailing a lawsuit involving a certain rogue familiar, she decides to pay Autumn a visit in an attempt to come to a peaceful agreement Sadly, she stumbles upon Autumn in some of her final moments, leaving her with a new mystery on her hands Meanwhile, Aidan leaves Lily in charge when he leaves town, allowing her to finally see what his daily job entails.Blackwell has brought yet another delightful installment into our lives I l

  5. Barbara Barbara says:

    I m going to miss Lily, Oscar, and the rest of the gang, as I ve just finished the last one in this cozy supernatural mystery series Hopefully Ms Blackwell has plans to release a new one soon

  6. Carol Carol says:

    This story held a delightful plot line, and even though it was book 8, it really delivered a really good story For those of you who have already experienced this witchy cozy goodness, A TOXIC TROUSSEAU, the seventh installment, won t disappoint.A girl breezes into Aunt Cora s and serves Lily with a personal injury lawsuit from Autumn Jennings Jennings, a sort of competitor, visited the store, but Oscar, the potbellied pig didn t like how she treated the clothing

  7. Kristina Kristina says:

    A Toxic Trousseau by Juliet Blackwell is the eighth Witchcraft Mystery novel Lily Ivory owns Aunt Cora s Closet in San Francisco, California Lily sells gently used vintage clothing and encourages her customers to wear the items Lily loves to wear the clothes from her store Lily is in the store when a young woman approaches her It turns out that Lily is being sued Autumn Jennings came into the store recently and was disdainful of the merchandise Oscar, Lily s shape sh

  8. Katreader Katreader says:

    A TOXIC TROUSSEAU by Juliet BlackwellThe 8th Witchcraft MysteryLily Ivory is surprised when she is served papers and finds herself being sued Autumn Jennings is claiming that Oscar attacked her in Aunt Cora s Closet and is seeking compensation But Autumn is no ordinary customer In fact, not only does she run a high end vintage clothing shop she s also in debt to the witchy godfather of San Fransisco Aidan Rhodes When Lily and Maya go to Autumn s store to attempt to work

  9. Kathy Bryson Kathy Bryson says:

    An excellent installment in Lily s adventures in San Francisco In this go around, not so much combating evil as a plain old fashioned who dun it Far from diminishing the tale, scaling back the paranormal just a tad gives the reader a chance to visit with all the characters who make up this series and a good look at the progress Lily s made as a character Rest assured however, the end is not in sight This is just the pause that s the set up for wild new adventures to come

  10. Risa Risa says:

    This is one of the best books if not the best book to join the Witchcraft Mysteries series.

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