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A Parchment of Leaves Winner Kentucky Novel of the Year, Winner Award for Special Achievement from Fellowship of Southern WritersNominee Southern Book Critics Circle PrizeNominee BookSense Book of the Year longlist So it is that Vine, Cherokee born and raised in the early s, trains her eye on a young white man, forsaking her family and their homeland to settle in with Saul s people his smart as a whip, slow to love mother, Esme his brother Aaron, a gifted banjo player, hot tempered and unpredictable and Aaron s flightly and chattery Melungeon wife, Aidia It s a delicate negotiation into this new family and culture, one that Vine s mother had predicted would not go smoothly But it s worse than she could have imagined Vine is viewed as an outsider by the townspeople Aaron, she slowly realizes, is strangely fixated on her But what is at first difficult becomes a test of her spirit And in the violent turn of events that ensues, she learns what it means to forgive others and, most important, how to forgive herself

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  1. Angela M Angela M says:

    This is my first FICTION audiobook I ve avoided audiobooks for a long time after trying one a number of years ago and I just wasn t able to get past the feeling that I was being read to I felt that I had to read the pages myself to experience a book This past year I decided to give them a try again and I listened to a half dozen books, all non fiction For some reason non fiction

  2. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    When Saul marries Vine, a young Cherokee woman, the settle in Kentucky, the Appalachian mountain region They live with Saul s mother Esme until they can build their own cabin They eventually move into the new cabin, and have a daughter they name Birdie, and for a time they are happy It is, however, a time of war, WWI, and Saul, a logging foreman will have to work away from home on a di

  3. Dem Dem says:

    Any two people can set and jaw all day long but it takes two people right for each other to set together and just be quietQuote A Parchment Of Leaves I love Appalachian Fiction and Silas House draws the reader in with a wonderful sense of time and place I had this one on my to read list for awhile and January seemed like a good time to de clutter the TBR list as I knew I had some pretty good

  4. Karen Karen says:

    Beautifully written book about the love between a young couple in rural Kentucky 1917 Vine, a young Cherokee woman and Saul, a young Irishman.The story shows their tender relationship with outside prejudices that they overcome, as she leaves her Cherokee community and they move into the young man s mother s house till they get their home built His mother Esme, is a wonderful character, who becomes

  5. Chrissie Chrissie says:

    This book is beautiful The story is about the marriage of a Cherokee woman and a white Southerner, but that is just the beginning The husband s brother falls in love with her too It is about love relationships between man and wife and deep friendship between women, coming to care for another and doing what is right What if laws do not protect you, what do you do then The story happens before and up to t

  6. Cheri Cheri says:

    When Saul, a young man of Irish descent, first sees Vine, a young Cherokee woman, standing half in the darkness of the doorway, her facelost to shadowshe finds himself searching for words to describe herHer eyes were chips of coal her lips, the color of peach light at dusk He approaches her with payment from his mother for saving his brother, which Vine tries to refuse, and then asks him if he is not afraid o

  7. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Sometimes you just want a simple story You read a book and it s so lyrical and bewitching that you can t seem to put it away And when you do, the story calls to be picked back up This was one of those books Simple, sensuous prose and a strong voice In the prologue you get to see the mysterious main character, Vine, who is said to be so beautiful that she puts a spell on the men who look at her A thin smile showed i

  8. Julie Julie says:

    3.5A reader can usually rely on two strong traditions which stem from the American South solid storytelling and an authentic use of Voice This Southern writer, Silas House, is capable of both here For a younger writer, he has an unusually good grasp of Voice in his protagonist, and he weaves a story that you want to jump in and embrace.Setting is lush here, too A Parchment of Leaves is reminiscent of both A River Runs Th

  9. Libby Libby says:

    A raving fiver Astonishingly good This is a book I could read again and there aren t many of those The novel is set in 1917 Crow County, Kentucky House grew up in Laurel County, Kentucky and says he based the fictional Crow County on the neighboring county of Leslie, where he spent much of his childhood A Parchment of Leaves is about home, belonging, love, family, betrayal, all loose and wondering around everywhere in the page

  10. Sara Sara says:

    That s all anybody can ask for, if you think about it to have somebody love you and depend on you and take care of you when you re sick, and mourn over your casket when you die Family s the only thing a person s got in this life. This is a story of family, of how one comes to be, how the roots we receive from our parents define us, how unconnected people form one, how complicated the interactions can be, and sometimes how tragic Th

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