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A Midsummer Tights Dream Performing Arts college, here I come again Hold on to your tights Because I m holding on to mine, I can tell youTallulah Casey is back and ready to Irish comedy dance her way through another term at Dother Hall, but now that she s been officially admitted to the performing arts program, that won t cut it any Especially if she s going to help raise enough money to keep the school from closing at the end of the yearThere are also some distractions to worry about The boys of Woolfe Academy are lingering about And they are still boys, so they are still confusingWill Tallulah be able to test out her new snogging skills and ace her performance in this term s project, A Midsummer Night s Dream Only time and Irish comedy dancing will tellLouise Rennison returns with her trademark sidesplitting humor, sending Tallulah and her mates on another riotously spectacular mis adventure

About the Author: Louise Rennison

Louise Rennison was the bestselling award winning author of the phenomenally successful Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series, translated into over 34 languages and to the stage and big screen as Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging She has won the Nestle Smarties Book Prize, the Michael L Printz Honor Book and the Roald Dahl Funny prize for Withering Tights Louise sadly died on the February 29, 2016.

10 thoughts on “A Midsummer Tights Dream

  1. Jessica-Robyn Jessica-Robyn says:

    Rating, 2.5 STARS This book was kindly received as a giveaway arc from Goodreads First Reads. So, corkers, what is up with those things In A Midsummer Tights Dream there were highs and lows We are returning with funny girl Tallulah as she takes on her first ter

  2. Gina Gina says:

    When I saw this in the library I was like there s no way I can t get it because Louise Rennison is one of the very few authors that cant make me laugh out loud I though I would ve been a bit too old for her books now but obviously not Now I have to wait a WHOLE YEAR ju

  3. Grace Grace says:

    Such a fun light hearted read just like the first book In this installment the performing arts college is threatened with closure and Tallulah faces boy trouble from all angles Excited to read the last in the series

  4. Elizabeth (Miss Eliza) Elizabeth (Miss Eliza) says:

    Tallulah is back on her way north She was able to secure a position at the elite acting school Dother Hall, despite her obvious lack of talent and the hatred of one of the teachers Yet her mother still thinks she s too young to be living at the boarding school and therefore makes Lu

  5. Stacy Stacy says:

    I received this book free from Goodreads First Reads.I had to bring my rating down a bit from Withering Tights, because while Tallulah and her friends continue to be charmingly barmy, there is little truly fresh material.Tallulah Casey and her Tree Sisters return to Dother Hall forobsessin

  6. Brett Brett says:

    Okay, so Tallulah is basically a less socially assured Georgia in different surroundings I don t care, these books still make me laugh myself silly I m actually enjoying these perhaps a slight bitthan the Confessions of Georgia Nicholson because of the setting Louise Rennison s take on a Yorkshir

  7. Cassandra Cassandra says:

    Whooooo series getting better I feel a connection with Georgia s books happening now Alex RobbieCharlie DaveCain everyone else mixed together Like I like the tension with him but I don t think she ll end up with himI neednow Yay More boy developments

  8. Sarah Sarah says:

    Re read with the audiobook, I wasn t sure how it would be as an ab but because it was read by the author it was hilarious and I loved it

  9. Gabby Gabby says:

    Bookmarks BookshelvesLouise Rennison, Is one of my most loved authors, her ability to get into the teenage mind set perfectly sill amazes me, being a massive fan of her Confessions of Georgia Nicholson series I was bound to try her new Misadventures of Tallulah Casey Saga.Tallulah Casey is back at preforming arts col

  10. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Hilarious and AWESOME I love this book and this series so, so much it s so silly and fabulous and hysterically funny, and I was laughing from pretty much the first paragraph, which begins Performing Arts College, here I come again Hold on to your tights Because I am holding on to mine, I can tell you Which makes it difficul

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