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A Matter of Time Book IV (A Matter of Time #4) Jory Harcourt Is Back In Trouble An Old Threat Has Shown Up, And Soon Jory Is Running From A Madman Who Ll Do Anything To See Him Dead When Jory Is Kidnapped It Soon Becomes Clear He Is Up Against Something Bigger Than He Ever Imagined Sam Kage, The Police Detective He Loves, Is Caught In The Crossfire, And Ends Up Fighting For His Life In A Hospital Bed Jory Springs Into Action, And Goes On The Defensive To Catch A Serial Killer The Trail Leads From His Home In Chicago To Dallas And Back More Resourceful Than Anyone Imagined, Jory Cracks The Case, Or Does He And Can His Love Affair With Sam Withstand The Pressure This Edition Is Out Of Print.

10 thoughts on “A Matter of Time Book IV (A Matter of Time #4)

  1. Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read** Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read** says:

    3 StarsWe re all mad, Jory, you re an idiot Which was probably true I couldn t really defend myselfJory annoyed me to no end in this book Sit down, shut the fuck up and listen when you re being given GOOD FUCKING ADVICE Have some fucking common sense And for the love of Alexander Graha

  2. Ingela Ingela says:

    Written October 30, 20144 1 2 Stars A startling conclusion after 4 fantastic anxious to me books I m hereby passionately in love with this fascinating Jory world.Book 4What an adventure this has been For almost an entire week have I listened to these first four of six audio books about the beau

  3. Gigi Gigi says:

    I have been putting off writing this review for days now It s time to put on my Big Girl Pants and get it done.I had surgery on Oct 13, 2014 and knew I was going to have 14 glorious days of doing absolutely nothing to spend reading all the books I have been dying to read, but needed uninterrupted time to

  4. Bubbles Hunty Honest & Direct Opinions Bubbles Hunty Honest & Direct Opinions says:

    I was just so glad it was over you can see my thoughts in my comments if you really care This series was not for me This is what i thought of Jory

  5. Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder& Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder& says:

    Might contains spoilers Why am I continuing with this series There s too many goddamnI love yous in the book I m sure there s at least 20 The series bores me and though I love Mary Calmes writing, I don t like her writing styles for this series the suddenly two weeks laters, the doing of this and not getting it really writte

  6. .Lili. .Lili. says:

    Oi I loved the first few books, but this one not so much Jory, Jory, Jory Duuuude You made me want to pull my hair out And I won t even get started on the breaking up and getting back together between...

  7. Heather C Heather C says:

    I could not finish this book I hated Jory I hated Sam And I hated the story I loved Dane though To bad the story wasn t about him.

  8. Breann Breann says:

    Hey A Matter of Time Series, how s it goin So, you re doing pretty well for yourself 4.25 stars That s really great Um, I ve liked our time together We ve had some fun, but this last time I just hmph it was just okay Don t get me wrong there were some good moments, but then everything just went over the top and it was getting a little ridiculous I found

  9. Honey Honey says:

    Few books have ever made me as angry as this one did The author s knack for breaking up the main characters in every book no longer had me empathising with them as much as I had when I began reading this series, but the bitter taste that this one particularly left in my mouth isn t something I can easily forget The complete and utter lack of respect that Sam showe

  10. Hellen Hellen says:

    Jory is the King of the World He s the hottest andcharming man in the whole planet Even the almighty Rego James respects him Please I hadn t read a book so unrealistic since Twilight, and there are 150 books or so in between them I ll quote Jory It was the most ridiculous situation ever The kidnapper had gotten car jacked Hysterical I didn t know whether to laugh or cry Hal

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