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A Brief History of Chocolate An illustrated guide to chocolate that every self respecting chocoholic should read.Do you remember when a Snickers was a Marathon And when you could burst in to a sweet shop and ask for an Oliver Twist, two Tiffins and a Big Wig, please and keep a straight face Those were the good days when a Dairy Milk bar was 22p and you d never seen anything as big as a Wagon Wheel.Revisit some of your forgotten favourites and current addictions, as Steve Berry and Phil Norman take you on a tour of cocoa s finest moments Fully illustrated with hundreds of wrappers, ads and pack shots, A Brief History of Chocolate brings together research from the archives, factories and warehouses of some of the leading chocolate manufacturers in the country to create a book that is packed full of fascinating historical researchand lots and lots of chocolate.Warning may contain nutsA Brief History of Chocolate originally featured in The Great British Tuck Shop , the ultimate book of sweetie nostalgia.

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