The Glovemaker

The GlovemakerIn the inhospitable lands of the Utah Territory, during the winter of 1888, thirty seven year old Deborah Tyler waits for her husband, Samuel, to return home from his travels as a wheelwright It is now the depths of winter, Samuel is weeks overdue, and Deborah is getting worried n nDeborah lives in


DaredevilsFrom the winner of 2014 s PEN Robert W Bingham Prize, an unforgettable debut novel about Loretta, a teenager married off as a sister wife, who makes a break for freedom At the heart of this exciting debut novel, set in Arizona and Idaho in the mid 1970s, is fifteen year old Loretta, who slips out

His Right Hand (Linda Wallheim Mystery, #2)

His Right Hand (Linda Wallheim Mystery, #2)In the follow up to the controversial and critically acclaimed mystery The Bishop s Wife, Mormon housewife Linda Wallheim finds herself ruffling feathers in Draper, Utah, as she assists a murder investigation that is being derailed by transphobia within the LDS community.In Draper, Utah, a tight kni

One Hundred Birds Taught Me to Fly: The Art of Seeking God

One Hundred Birds Taught Me to Fly: The Art of Seeking GodOne Hundred Birds Taught Me to Fly is for restless souls who desire to know God deeply Ashley Mae Hoiland bids us follow her down the hallowed and well trodden path between the heart and mind, where glimpses of godliness are discovered in rainstorms, bus rides, temples, and mountains As a L

The Latter Days: A Memoir

The Latter Days: A MemoirAn arresting, lyrical memoir about the path the author took sometimes unwittingly out of her Mormon upbringing and through a thicket of profound difficulties to become a writer.At twenty two, Judith Freeman was working in the Mormon church owned department store in the Utah town where she d grown up