Cinderella Is Dead

Cinderella Is DeadIt s 200 years after Cinderella found her prince, but the fairy tale is over Teen girls are now required to appear at the Annual Ball, where the men of the kingdom select wives based on a girl s display of finery If a suitable match is not found, the girls not chosen are never heard from again n nS

Unravel the Dusk (The Blood of Stars, #2)

Unravel the Dusk  (The Blood of Stars, #2)Maia Tamarin s journey to sew the dresses of the sun, the moon and the stars has taken a grievous toll She returns to a kingdom on the brink of war The boy she loves is gone, and she is forced to don the dress of the sun and assume the place of the emperor s bride to be to keep the peace n nBut the

The Princess Will Save You (The Princess Will Save You, #1)

The Princess Will Save You (The Princess Will Save You, #1)The Princess Will Save You is a YA fantasy adventure inspired by The Princess Bride, in which a princess must rescue her stable boy true love, from the acclaimed author of Sea Witch, Sarah Henning n nWhen a princess s commoner true love is kidnapped to coerce her into a political marriage, she doesn

Evil Thing

Evil ThingCruella De Vil is the perfect villain stylish, witty, relentlessand possibly cursed n nFrom her lonely childhood, to her iconic fashion choices, to that fateful car crash you know the one , Cruella tells all in this marvelous memoir of a woman doomed Even the cruelest villains have best friend

The Storyteller's Daughter

The Storyteller's DaughterHis shadowed face lit by flames, nRumpelstiltskin is my name n nFor as long as anyone can remember, every child in Westfallen has been born with a Gift, and these Gifts defined them n nThen Cosette is born, Giftless n nAn attempt to hide her misfortune brings her before the King, who entraps her

The Court of Miracles (Court of Miracles, #1)

The Court of Miracles (Court of Miracles, #1)In the violent urban jungle of an alternate 1828 Paris, the French Revolution has failed and the city is divided between merciless royalty and nine underworld criminal guilds, known as the Court of Miracles Eponine Nina Th nardier is a talented cat burglar and member of the Thieves Guild Nina s

My Calamity Jane (The Lady Janies, #3)

My Calamity Jane (The Lady Janies, #3)Welcome to 1876 and a rootin tootin America bursting with gunslingers, outlaws, and garou n nJANE a genuine hero eene n nCalamity s her name, and garou hunting s her game when she s not starring in Wild Bill s Traveling Show, that is She reckons that if a girl wants to be a legend, she should jus


Hoodn You have the blood of kings and rebels within you, love Let it rise to meet the call n n nIsabelle of Kirklees has only ever known a quiet life inside the sheltered walls of the convent, where she lives with her mother, Marien But after she is arrested by royal soldiers for defending innocent vil

The Circus Rose

The Circus RoseA queer retelling of Snow White and Rose Red in which teenage twins battle evil religious extremists to save their loves and their circus family Twins Rosie and Ivory have grown up at their ringmaster mother s knee, and after years on the road, they re returning to Port End, the closest place to

A Whole New World

A Whole New WorldWhat if Jafar was the first one to summon the Genie n nWhen Jafar steals the Genie s lamp, he uses his first two wishes to become sultan and the most powerful sorcerer in the world Agrabah lives in fear, waiting for his third and final wish.To stop the power mad ruler, Aladdin and the deposed Prin

The Librarian and Her Beast (Middleton Prep #1)

The Librarian and Her Beast (Middleton Prep #1)Welcome to Middleton Prep, a place where fairy tales and modern day collide Where fair maidens spend their time developing lesson plans and valiant knights do battle with unreliable wifi signals all in the hopes of finding True Love Librarian Piper Belmont s world turns topsy turvy when new foot


ReflectionWhat if Mulan had to travel to the Underworld n nWhen Captain Shang is mortally wounded by Shan Yu in battle, Mulan must travel to the Underworld, Diyu, in order to save him from certain death But King Yama, the ruler of Diyu, is not willing to give Shang up easily With the help of Shang s great li

Once Upon a Dream

Once Upon a DreamWhat if the sleeping beauty never woke up Once Upon a Dream marks the second book in a new YA line that reimagines classic Disney stories in surprising new ways n nIt should be simple a dragon defeated, a slumbering maiden, a prince poised to wake her But when said prince falls asleep as soon as hi