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ஜே ஜே சில குறிப்புகள் This book JJ sila Kurippugal (JJ, Some Jottings), is one of most celebrated novels in Tamil literature From what I know, this is the first ever postmodernist tamil novel It destroys all the formats of novel writing Part one is like prologue for the part 2 As per the novel, the narrator Balu, a tamil writer, wanted to translate the diary notes, of a modernist Malayalam writer Joseph Joice (JJ),he was able to procure Whole first part is about how Balu knows about JJ and who are all he met for writing the book about him The second part is the translation of Diary Notes of JJ.While reading the book, you would never think it's a fiction It is so real that many still arguing the narrator Balu is none but the author,Sundara Ramasami, himself, and the JJ is actually the famous malayalam writer, CJ Thomas I am not sure how much of it is true.But one thing is sure, this book definitely destroys all the things you would think of a novel and makes you wonder whether a novel can be written like this also A great work Now I could realise why Sandara ramasami is considered as a master of modern tamil writings and why this book is being referred as a milestone in changing the style of tamil writing in many ways. All through the book it questions ur inner heart *Not a review but my kuripugal*This book has been with me for many years now, i have tried reading two times before but couldn't complete it, at one point i even felt it's not for me But when I happen to read it now, I felt its greatness and insights now I feel I should read it once in a while on the years to come Of the few books I read this will be special This was recommended to me years ago by a friend, yet it took a long time for me to read this Somewhere deep down, I could not recognize JJ as a fictional character, right from the beginning For there are several people who are strong willed, identified as arrogant and often misunderstood in every area of arts. After reading rave reviews about this novel, I gave it a try This was a very difficult book, to comprehend and to get the idea.This novel takes the form of Brief Notes of a writer's remembrance of another writer JJ.Jeethu Joseph aka JJ is a fictional author, dramatist and amateur artist, but Sundara ramaswamy takes so much efforts by making him a character of flesh and bones.This novel contains precious gems of passages, and the end part which is described as the translation of JJ's diary shines the best.Very different attempt Makes a dent in Tamil literary Circle. Exceptionally good. It is indeed a good read with a lot of could have done better pieces It has so many wonderful moments but I feel Su Ra hasn't hit it hard Probably even this would have been considered a brave attempt and a bold narrative in 80's Could be considered as one of the best modernist piece in Tamil that I've read and has a definite postmordern touch to it If I have read it before a couple of years I would have definitely given it 5 stars. I WAS TRYING TO READ SOME POSTMODERN NOVELS IN TAMIL AND THIS BOOKS WAS KIND OF THE LAST RESORT I WAS HOPING TO CAPTURE MY ATTENTION..AND BY THE BOOKS I READ THERE ARE DIFFERENT KIND OF VIEWS ON POSTMODERN NOVELS AND THE MOST AUTHOR'S VIEW OF POSTMODERNISM NOT EVEN COME CLOSE TO MINE HENCE I PRONOUNCE VASAN SUCK'S AT TAMIL LITERATURE..i AM VASAN Best Books, ஜே ஜே சில குறிப்புகள் by சுந்தர ராமசாமி [Sundara Ramasamy] This is very good and becomes the main topic to read, the readers are very takjup and always take inspiration from the contents of the book ஜே ஜே சில குறிப்புகள், essay by சுந்தர ராமசாமி [Sundara Ramasamy] Is now on our website and you can download it by register what are you waiting for? Please read and make a refission for you Splendid Definitely a benchmark.

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